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Yongquan Forum and Baishaquan · ZUFE Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony were held on the afternoon of 3rd December at Baishaquan M&A Block. Yongquan Forum is a major communication and project paring brand created by Baishaquan M&A Block. By hold sharing session and salon or giving speech each month, the forum serves as a communication platform for industry leaders with certain influence on domestic and overseas financial circles who have already settled down here. CHEN Wei, member of the standing committee of West Lake District Party Committee, and XU Xiaodong, member of ZUFE Party Committee and director of propaganda department, attended the ceremony and made address. Dr. GUO Feng, managing partner and dean of TTGG Financial Research Institute was invited to the even...
发布时间: 2017 - 12 - 04
After the outbreak of new commercial outlet is reshaping the capital market depth optimistic about artificial intelligence, big data and biological medicine.The epidemic has not yet dissipated, the difficult problem of financing small and large businesses have suffered. Capital markets, investment and other financial institutions have also been spread to the body, how the winter Kechuang enterprise into focus, then after the outbreak investment direction will do what changes and what action industry of large companies will have to do it is very worth learning nature, for 36 krypton Zhejiang di...
Release time: 2020 - 03 - 18
Depth implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy to fully mobilize the enthusiasm and inspire innovation and entrepreneurship scientific and technical personnel, and 'the CPC Jiangsu Provincial People's Government of Jiangsu Province issued under the provisions of' Jiangsu Province Science and technology incentives 'of of '(Su Fa [2018] No. 18) requirements, the provincial science and technology award evaluation committee accreditation, provincial people's government issued a' decision on the 2019 annual Jiangsu Science and technology award. '...
Release time: 2020 - 03 - 18
2020 March 8 afternoon, the Chinese venture Commission, the Chinese parent fund organized by the Federation, the mother Fund Research Center, Goodwill Award Organizing Committee organized the '2020 China equity investment industry opened the General Assembly' to live the way online success organized!Meeting the same period, China equity investment industry to fight new crown pneumonia and 2020 Chinese investors in recognition of outstanding women blockbuster release list. Paradise Valley family has more than 50 companies in different ways added to the rush to the rescue Wuhan, the figh...
Release time: 2020 - 03 - 18
'Recently probably buy the phone for two days a dish, too difficult to grab, grab.''Our family has kids in junior high school, and there are six sections net class every day, all online interaction with the teacher.''At that time just a little cold, so online at home, consult a doctor, it is quite easy.'......During dwelling, what are you busy?Jun wealth colleagues have 'cloud' to buy food, the 'cloud' class, as well as 'cloud' to see a doctor, can all too busy. A new type of coronavirus pneumonia epidemic years ago, so most business lines go out...
Release time: 2020 - 02 - 28
Note: ArcSoft Department invested enterprises Paradise ValleyPanorama News Network February 27 ArcSoft (688,088) February 27 evening disclose results of Letters, 2019, the company achieved total revenue of 564 million yuan, an increase of 23.23%; net profit of 207 million yuan, an increase of 31.24%. Basic earnings per share of 0.55 yuan.The company said that with the double, multi-camera smart phone market penetration rises, the company steadily in a single smart phone customers products penetration for 3D ToF camera integrated algorithmic solutions and other new products are successful first...
Release time: 2020 - 02 - 27
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