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Recently, the opening ceremony of the 17th West Lake International Expo was held in Zhejiang World Trade International Exhibition Center. At the opening ceremony, internet finance still attracted the most attention.As a session of West Lake International Expo, 2015 China (Hangzhou) Wealth Management Industry Expo had many highlights. Zhejiang Merchants’ Most Trustworthy Financial Institution TTGG’s internet financial platform——JinFu Mall signed an important Strategic Cooperation Agreement with National Grade-2 advertising company Zhejiang MYOUNG Inc and Zhejiang Province’s No. 1 web portal ZJ....
Release time: 2015 - 10 - 26
On April 7, domestically famous PE institution GGTT’s acquisition of South Africa’s listed gold mine company Village Main Reef passed the vote of the listed company’s general meeting of shareholders, which implies this acquisition was basically completed. This cross-border M&A worth 637 million rand (about RMB 334 million Yuan) not only is the first case in which a Chinese private enterprise acquires a South Africa’s listed company, but also implies GGTT made another important step on the road of cross-border M&A.      Acquisition of a South Africa’s Listed Gol...
Release time: 2015 - 04 - 09
In the past 2 years, RMB funds began to imitate the strong point of USD funds: marching toward TMT industry, increasing investors’ understanding of industries, to make it more like industrial capital, instead of financial capital, while having introspection. A PE insider clearly pointed out that many RMB funds adopted “expedients” all the time, without any strategy. In 2011, when PE institutions were complaining the difficulties of investment, Heaven-sent Capital Management Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as GGTT) began to set up M&A funds with listed companies. In 2013, when...
Release time: 2014 - 09 - 09
According to, Zanyu Technology published an announcement on the night of Aug. 27th, saying the company signed a service Contract about strategy consultancy and industrial M&A with Zhejiang Silicon Paradise Asset Management Group (hereinafter referred to as TTGG) on Aug. 25th. The total amount of the Contract is 1 million Yuan. The term of the Contract is from Aug. 25th 2014 to the end of Dec. 2015.According to the Contract, TTGG should provide Zanyu Technology with strategy consultancy and industrial M&A service, including giving rationalized proposals about the company’s...
Release time: 2014 - 08 - 29
Compared with other institutions, TTGG has natural advantages in its organizational structure. “We are a private enterprise grew out of a state-owned enterprise through reform and restructuring. We have the culture of state-owned enterprises and the mechanism of private enterprises, so our team’s strength, system and standard are the most important features of the company. In TTGG, the system and the majority have the final say.”This is a song worth singing aloud in the venture capital transformation in Zhejiang. In 2009, Zhejiang Silicon Paradise Asset Management Group Co., Ltd. (hereafter re...
Release time: 2014 - 06 - 09
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