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[Media Coverage] Hangzhou Rainbow Technology Branch board when I would go home you still watching it

Date: 2019-10-14
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October 11, according to the Shanghai Stock Exchange official website revealed that when companies Hangzhou Rainbow Technology will be successful too. At present, Zhejiang Province, has been listed Kechuang board has three companies, namely Hang be science and technology, accommodate 100 technology and ArcSoft, and another when Hong Technology and other companies would have been.

And in front of two (Hangzhou available technology, ArcSoft), as this company is settled in Hangzhou, the first to invest in local venture capital. March 2017 and April, Zhejiang venture capital investment in two consecutive when Hong Technology. The reporter learned from Paradise Valley, Paradise Valley in February 2017 to PE fund investment when the Rainbow technology. Following the micro League Group, Riverside service in Hong Kong stock market, accommodate 100 technology, ArcSoft after Kechuang board listing, when Hong Technology Paradise Valley is expected to be harvested this year, the fifth listed companies.

March 29 this year, when Hong Technology Branch board listing application accepted. Experience four inquiries to consider when Hong Technology October 11 to accept the Shanghai Stock Exchange Branch Municipal Board. According to the prospectus, when Hong Technology is a focus on intelligent video algorithm technology, culture and the media for public safety and other industries, providing intelligent video solutions video and high-tech enterprise cloud services. Currently, when Hong Technology has covered the head of Internet video company, most of the traditional media and new media markets such as the provincial radio and television.

This time, when the Rainbow technology to be adopted Kechuang board listed more than 600 million yuan fund-raising, investment and technological upgrading of existing cutting-edge technology research and development in areas such as the face of 4K / 8Kultra high definition video 5G accelerate the development needs of the construction driven by ready .

Ahead of the layout 8K, force big video

Right now, your home television is not to spend a 4K? You know, when Hong Technology has been studying the 8K. When the Rainbow technology in the field of 4K and 8K technology has accumulated more mature experience and technology.

Often seen compared to the current resolution 4K, 8K 4K resolution up to 4 times in terms of clarity, the 1080P 16 times. With 5G commercial license issuance, China's formal entry into the commercial 5G first year, which prompted 8K ultra high definition video industry into the fast lane, it also brings more opportunities for the industry and downstream manufacturers.

When the general manager of Hong Technology encoding transcoding business lines Ye Jianhua said that at present, when the Rainbow Technologies' cutting-edge video technology R & D center construction projects 'will focus on the cloud platform 5G video communications technology, high-low bit encoding technique painting 8K video compression coding technology, research and development work in the field of intelligent video content auditing techniques, intelligent video portrait of structured data platform technology research.

Ye Jianhua introduced the Road, when Hong Technology focused on the large field of video, audio and video processing technology has accumulated 25 years as one day, there are over 6 years of ultra high-definition technology research and development experience, has applied for about 30 ultra-high-definition-related patents, over 200 games super HD live cases, and professor of Peking University Ma Siwei team, Shenzhen Pengcheng laboratory, the General Administration of Canton ASTRI jointly developed ultra high-definition technology, is still actively involved in the build ultra-high definition ecosystem.

Favored by Ali

According to the prospectus and respond to inquiries, initially when Hong Technology Department of ArcSoft, another Kechuang board listed company subsidiary in 2015, due to ArcSoft intends to focus on the development and application of artificial intelligence technology vision, decided to divest non-core camp business and related assets, ArcSoft is not the main business section and was not yet profitable when they rainbow Technology management buy separate portal. When Hong technologies are now the actual control people Sunyan Long, previously vice president of the Department of ArcSoft affiliates, their disposable proportion of voting shares totaling 51.47%.

For historical origins of this layer, the Shanghai Stock Exchange have also been inquiries requesting information on business ArcSoft stripped when the Rainbow technology suppliers with a situation when there is coincidence or whether TAIFLEX potential competitive situation, whether there is overlap customers.

When the Rainbow Technologies, said the company's customers are mainly cultural media industry and public safety customers, suppliers primarily for servers, graphic cards, video capture cards and other hardware switches such as cloud and CDN service providers. ArcSoft and the main customers include Samsung, Huawei, millet and other world-renowned mobile phone manufacturer, supplier mainly for software development services, business consulting and equipment and other hardware vendors. The company mainly engaged in the business exists and ArcSoft's main business of significant differences, the company has operations required for independent and complete business system, and ArcSoft's customers and suppliers, there is a difference, there is no overlap situation.

When the list of shareholders from Hong technological point of view, Ali, adding the company's favor. And co-founder of Alibaba Xie Shihuang's Lake Shannan investment fund in April 2017 to invest 30 million yuan, respectively, each received 2% of the shares. In addition, the positions of Ali generous fund China Media and light media were also held when a large proportion of Rainbow Technologies AG.

This year is the implementation of Zhejiang 'Operation Phoenix' program in its third year. 'Operation Phoenix' is the provincial government focus on economic transformation and upgrading a major decision to make, the goal is multiplied by the number of listed companies, the strength doubled, to achieve the cage for a bird, phoenix.

(Reprinted from: Zhejiang news client)

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