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[Media Coverage] epidemic spawned new digital economy outlet, wind blowing how long? - "Zhejiang Eco

Date: 2020-02-28
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'Recently probably buy the phone for two days a dish, too difficult to grab, grab.'

'Our family has kids in junior high school, and there are six sections net class every day, all online interaction with the teacher.'

'At that time just a little cold, so online at home, consult a doctor, it is quite easy.'


During dwelling, what are you busy?

Jun wealth colleagues have 'cloud' to buy food, the 'cloud' class, as well as 'cloud' to see a doctor, can all too busy. A new type of coronavirus pneumonia epidemic years ago, so most business lines go out of business overnight. Goes back home, online format actually ushered in an unexpected outbreak.

Sick 'cloud' interrogation

Under the epidemic, medical and health fields reacted quickest, most direct demand flashpoint. During the epidemic, medical-related Internet companies, like Ali, health, peace good doctor, micro-medicine, doctors have opened an online platform cloves clinic, screening of new pneumonia and the common cold, relieve pressure line, reducing cross-infection, but also to more medical people experience the Internet.

Micro Medical Group

Senior Vice President

Cheng Yi

'January 23 the total micro Hospital Medical Internet pneumonia implementation of the new crown rescue platform on the line, No. 24 New Year's Eve, in the background to see the patient's inquiry orders began rapid growth, the number of patients 25 New Year's Day online inquiry demand, before soaring to as much as 10 times a day from the first day to three days, this time in patients with high demand online inquiry, so we launched an emergency physician recruitment of a wider range of the country, is to further expand our online services provide patients with the strength of the team. '

According to Ali health data show that as of January 30, the number of users accessing online clinic a total of over 2.8 million, the number of physicians over 1000, to participate in the online doctor online clinic admissions per capita daily amount of over 100 single. Ping good doctor APP background big data show that online inquiry we are most concerned about how to identify, prevent this new type of coronavirus.

Lilac Garden CGO

Cong Lulu

'Because now online in the medical industry as a whole is under the supervision policy, is currently subject to a lot of online medical constraints, such as the first diagnosis of the problem, the problem of prescription drugs, health insurance issues, etc., but in fact, the epidemic process among government departments , all sectors of society, including the medical industry users, are aware of this information On-line inquiry can solve many medical needs. '

In fact, in this outbreak in the field of Internet medical, hospital information, chronic disease, and women and children and other segments of Internet companies are mostly involved in. We can say that the epidemic to the telemedicine a catalyst, many hospitals telemedicine attitude from resistance, do not care became try to accept and benefit from it.

Paradise Valley

Asset Management Group

Partner Xu Bin

'After the outbreak, as well as some changes in the online medical business, I think users will retain a lot of habits in this regard. The first time we may get these medical information, without contact with the doctor, to have one of these things overview, he will find the online medical business, the Internet offers a large number of relatively healthcare companies effective information. in such a form, consumer demand has changed, not only is the Internet has changed the form of new medical economy, in fact, a number of relatively traditional industry, I think it will also be changed. it will happen with the new economy and a new shape, so I think as a whole will go up. '

Stay at home 'cloud' to buy food

'Today you grab the dishes?'

During this time, successfully replaced the phrase 'you eaten yet?' Has become a new chat greeting, leafy green has become a new hard currency. Internet is also circulating a 'grab food guide', marked a good time to update the inventory of various fresh APP's electricity supplier, also grab food from the alarm clock at 5 am moved up to 12:00.

What hungry

Responsible person

Zhang Jing Yan

'We have calculated that on average, riders such as our brother, a day to run fifty single words, he basically can be solved fifty people out of demand can be reduced by 50 times the staff to go out, for example, he was a man in the farms inside, simultaneous access forty-five single, then he can be served forty-five people at the same time, this forty-five people do not go out, you can reduce them on the road, at-risk populations farms in contact. '

From the data, Jingdong home delivery business is relatively fresh pre-holiday growth of 370%, the amount of orders to buy food BUZZ New Year's Eve with the previous month increased by more than 300%; nearly a month of vegetables, aquaculture seafood takeout US group , fresh meat and other ingredients sales ring up more than 200% increase; New year's Eve to the fourth day, excellent fresh daily paid-trading platform grew 321 percent over last year. Data show that during the Spring Festival holidays, the country more regions surge in online purchases, especially fresh class of orders grew rapidly.

                               Paradise Valley

Asset Management Group

Senior Partner Wang Wei

'I think the line is fresh electricity providers after this wave of market in the past, will be a sustainable development, just like Taobao year, the most important thing is that we have a mental disorder customer service, it is to cultivate a new user habits , the Internet industry once cultivate habits of users, it will have great value. '

Home 'cloud' learning

Recently, most people's circle of friends are the children scraper information online class, for a time, online education popular, aroused the concern of the community. In fact, after the outbreak, offline training institutions in order to avoid accumulation and out of business, schools and localities have also delayed opening the school. Training institutions under the line of last resort to save themselves turning to online classes, and the urgent need to increase online education business is to seize this opportunity.

According to official sources nails, as of January 31, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Henan, more than 20 provinces have joined the 'home school' program, over 10,000 primary and secondary schools, five million students by nailing a live class. In addition, New Oriental hundreds of thousands of students have access to the new East began online broadcast system 'cloud classroom', tens of thousands of teachers from offline to online.

It commenced CEO

Zhao Yunfeng

'The increase in the number of users during the epidemic, our entire cumulative subscribers reached more than a million people, more than usual in our daily downloads has increased 50-fold, in general, activity is still very high, we have a teacher on a lesson, a lesson most have more than 200,000 students in listening. '

At the same time, experts also said that the future of education and training institutions under the line is still necessary. Future, whether it is the teaching of the scene itself online, or fusion or teaching services online and operational processes, online and offline will be the trend, more people will be online, educational institutions under a common user line.

The new digital economy outlet wind can blow how long?

In addition, like telecommuting, online entertainment and other fields are also affected by the epidemic continue to simmer influence, we have ushered in new opportunities for development of the industry. Some experts said that the future supply chain digital and online technology is a big trend. The aftermath of the 2003 SARS, Jingdong, Taobao consumer makes the C-terminus of the start line, the outbreak will be the B-side of the line of data and birth.

Zheshang Venture Capital

executive CEO

Ni Min

'In the course of this epidemic, we also discovered that crowded the line, playing the game can be slow to open web conferencing, you will find clarity is not high enough, when shopping will find enough logistics and smooth, once the epidemic through future directions for improvement also tested the whole industry chain. so the arrival of 5G, might provide a favorable product line help, as our investment, the firm would still optimistic about the biomedical and information technology, Kechuang direction of the board is actually the main direction of our investment. '

17 years ago, SARS, prompting China to develop the Internet; new crown pneumonia after 17 years, making China's big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other advanced technology development, consumer Internet consumption significantly because the line to line to produce changes , due to the rise of the Internet industry and the online industry accelerated, maybe we can not accurately determine when the outbreak will end, but we can clearly feel the pulse of the times these shares: under the epidemic, the digital economy is becoming an important guarantee for China's social functioning support.

(Reprinted from: Zhejiang Economic TV micro-channel public wealth new password number)

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