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[Media Coverage] Xiangdong, chairman of Paradise Valley: After the outbreak of new commercial outlet

Date: 2020-03-18
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After the outbreak of new commercial outlet is reshaping the capital market depth optimistic about artificial intelligence, big data and biological medicine.

The epidemic has not yet dissipated, the difficult problem of financing small and large businesses have suffered. Capital markets, investment and other financial institutions have also been spread to the body, how the winter Kechuang enterprise into focus, then after the outbreak investment direction will do what changes and what action industry of large companies will have to do it is very worth learning nature, for 36 krypton Zhejiang direction after the epidemic on new business investment, interviewed Xiangdong, chairman of paradise Valley. Deep plowing VC, PE industry Paradise Valley for 20 years, to respond to emergencies very experienced. As an investment and asset management of the combined equity investment expertise, Paradise Valley Xiangdong, chairman of the epidemic for the capital market trends, Paradise Valley development strategy, gives a clear idea of the direction and advice.

Capital Market panic

Or increase investment opportunities

Global Outbreak data and share price curves closely related. February 28 opening, continue to lower volatility, stock index fell below 2900 points mark, the capital market is naturally nervous tension. Xiangdong believes that: 'the risk of sudden major public events, the capital market will naturally early psychological panic, panic will be magnified, but if in the long term, the impact is not great because of the epidemic given the opportunity to get out of stocks, it will. some benefit. 'late, when people calm down, you will see more opportunities to find better investment opportunities. Ho's analysis, from the national level is concerned, with the decline in capital market prices, the state has to do a lot of research and analysis in advance. According to the trend of the epidemic, the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the central bank and finance departments will take measures to stabilize the economy, such as raised funds, pension funds and others have action. With the advance of the measures, investment will find the price is relatively more reasonable, the overall valuation will be further repaired, investment opportunities will come out.

Paradise Valley investment strategy of financial securities through the successful listing

For the capital market, the economy is the early response. When the market is not ideal timely change their thinking, it is important to look for opportunities, 'as long as the right opportunity to choose a relatively admission, profitability is a high probability event. National policy role in economic policy or to reflect the superiority of.'

For institutional investors, opportunities and risks always exist. Dong Ho admits: 'affected by the epidemic, Paradise Valley does have an impact on the first quarter fund-raising rhythm.' Subject to the impact of the epidemic mainly in the macroeconomic, financial risk appetite further bottomed out. At the same time bring the epidemic of traffic inconvenience, it increases the time and effort to see the cost of the project organization on a business trip, so this year, at least the first half of fund-raising mechanism will be more cautious. Fund-raising in cooperation with institutions of cooperation can not be quickly landing, the main influence at the last communication, cooperation, and other aspects of adjustment to make. Downward pressure on the overall market by economic superimposed black swan events, prompted the proposed investment project valuation more reasonable, Paradise Valley can take the opportunity to configure some quality assets. 'In fact, this risk of sudden major public events in the capital market or whether it is, or enterprises or will have some impact, as institutional investors greater responsibility comes from the support of the business, how to help cast businesses weather the storm is the most critical. 'Mr. Ho said.

Enterprise Support winter

Medicine health care, information technology, good

During the epidemic, Paradise Valley Paradise Valley and the parent company jointly invested 10 million to support portfolio companies Cao Cao car; provide financing to support investment and services to ease the pressure on cash flow; recommend suitable acquisitions, the subject of cooperation; to help them expand their business channels ...... under the shadow of the epidemic, paradise Valley and actively help the portfolio companies to help businesses ride out the storm under cash flow pressure. From the long-term development perspective, this is medicine and medical and information technology industries these positive once great support.

Xiangdong, chairman of Paradise Valley

'In the investment business in Paradise Valley, Big Data, artificial intelligence, medicine and health care, we have been concerned about, such as small i robot offers a variety of prevention robot, free engine technology providing an outer shield small law AI outbreak phone number call robots, Austria Technology use big data to help users fight the epidemic and so the value of technology play in the epidemic. 'He cited Dong Road. In addition, Paradise Valley companies also cast in two of the three operators provide a live broadcast of this epidemic 5G technology. Allow enterprises at the same time through the crisis ushered in a new commercial outlet. 'After 40 years of accumulation, China has been funding conditions, conditions for the development of talent Branch enterprises, and China have the world's largest market, has a very good engineer dividends, in such a good condition we will have a large number of elements Kechuang enterprise emerged as the world's biggest companies, for us, this is a very good chance. '

Areas of concern subdivision

Artificial intelligence, big data, bio-medicine will usher in opportunity

Through this epidemic, biomedical, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other core technologies judged in the epidemic, medical aspects of treatment, convenience services, have already highlights the enormous power companies are working to usher in a new development opportunity. The epidemic emerged under medical medicine shortages; prevention work based on accurate data technology shows great soft power of science and technology gap between regional governments; aggregation line activities into line; cloud office and other cloud software (education, training, etc. ) rapid coverage, etc., are harbingers of future market, the government will invest in construction of related technologies through policy support, but also further promote the development of the industry.

Paradise Valley for the future is full of possibilities, the market is changing, thinking enterprises are changing. Dong Ho said: 'The late, Paradise Valley subdivision will have to fine-tune originally focused on areas such as medicine and medical industry will strengthen the focus on anti-viral drugs, new medicines, medical and other Internet; IT industry will pay more attention to big data, artificial intelligence, 5G and so on; consumer industries will focus on some of the online services as the most important investment institutions are in crisis and the portfolio companies stand together to help enterprises solve difficulties in the integration of resources to provide support and cheer for enterprises and so on. services, enabling enterprises to lay the epidemic turnaround. paradise Valley as an asset manager have to play, and will continue to play professional advantage, to better support the real business development, actively practice social responsibility, quality boost economic development.

(Reprinted from: 36 Krypton Zhejiang; Author: Liu Xiaoyue; Editor: Chen Shiyi)

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