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TTGG: Industry and Capital Fly Together, Helping Smart Manufacturing Enterprises Develop High Qualit

Date: 2018-06-25
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At present, accelerating the development of smart manufacturing is an important measure for responding to a new round of global technological and industrial changes, promoting the conversion of old and new kinetic energy, accelerating transformation and upgrading, reshaping competitive advantages, and promoting industrial advancement toward the high-end and building a powerful manufacturing country. It is a supply-side structure. The key content of sexual reform is also an inevitable choice for creating a new international competitive advantage under the new normal. At the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the “Zhejiang Smart Manufacturing Action Plan (2018-2020)” notice was issued under the background of “developing advanced manufacturing and building a manufacturing powerhouse” to further promote the development of intelligent manufacturing in Zhejiang Province and realize manufacturing. The industry will improve quality and efficiency, and strive to achieve sustainable development. By 2020, the province’s smart manufacturing development base and support capacity will be significantly enhanced. The new smart manufacturing model will be widely applied and the level of smart manufacturing in the manufacturing industry will be significantly improved. The Internet, big data, and cloud computing The integration of new-generation information technology and manufacturing, such as artificial intelligence, has deepened, and efforts have been made to turn Zhejiang into a nationwide intelligent manufacturing pioneer area.

TTGG: Industry and Capital Fly Together, Helping Smart Manufacturing Enterprises Develop High Qualit

Zhejiang's economy is characterized by a large number of blocky economies. How to rely on advantageous industries and rely on Internet means to release the superposition of "traditional manufacturing + Internet + entrepreneurship and innovation" is an issue that everyone is pondering over. Zhejiang is a large manufacturing province. Since the reform and opening up, Zhejiang's manufacturing industry has achieved a leap from small to large and from the inside out. In the new century, the process of industrialization in Zhejiang has been accelerating and efforts have been made to get rid of the extensive model of high input, high consumption, and high emission. In recent years, in order to comply with the development trend of intelligent manufacturing, the company has developed "intelligent machines", developed smart production lines, invested in smart workshops, and even built smart factories. Manufacturing in Zhejiang has become a common practice. Smart manufacturing includes intelligent equipment, intelligent production, intelligence in products, intelligent management, and intelligent services. Intelligent manufacturing has the characteristics of being strategic, high value-added, technology-intensive and piloting, and has a multi-faceted role in economic growth. The performance is as follows: First, direct promotion, smart manufacturing, faster production, better product quality, greater scale effect, higher product value, can quickly and directly produce all kinds of intermediate products and final products, directly increase the national product The second is indirect driving, intelligent manufacturing often through the integration of information, communications, industrial technology and the entire product manufacturing process and industrial chain, the upper and lower reaches of enterprises and key industries have an important driving role; third is a strong technical spillover. In Zhejiang Province, Yongkang is a well-known manufacturing base in the country. During the crucial period of economic transformation and upgrading, the local government attached great importance to the development of the smart manufacturing industry. It has taken an important step by setting up an industry development guiding fund.

As the “Hardware Capital” and “The Capital of Door Industry”, Yongkang ranks first in the country and even in the world in a number of sub-industry sectors, and it has a unique advantage in the field of smart manufacturing, and has been awarded the “Made in Zhejiang” Province. The brand fosters pilot cities, provincial smart manufacturing pilot demonstration cities, and provincial transformation and upgrading demonstration areas. However, it is not difficult for us to find that Yongkang's various industries have few attempts to integrate production and financing, and docking the capital market. Companies rarely use external strategic minority shareholders in the industry chain, finance, capital, technology, etc. to gain advantages. Complementing each other and making them bigger and stronger together; on the other hand, due to their geographic location in the central Zhejiang region, they have also been subject to certain constraints in the introduction of high-end technology, management, and financial capital. In order to solve the difficult problems, the Yongkang Municipal Government intends to introduce professional development guidance funds through the establishment of industrial development guidance funds, to introduce professional financial management institutions in China to conduct professional management, and to establish and operate specialized industrial funds in cooperation to support the transformation and upgrading of key industries in the region. , driving the development of high-tech and emerging industries.

On April 25, 2018, the Yongkang Municipal Government and TTGG established the Smart Manufacturing Industry Fund. This is Yongkang City's first industrial fund to serve the real economy. The initial scale is 200 million yuan. The industry fund is based on the principles of “government guidance and market operation” and is managed by TTGG as a fund manager and invests in the five billion-dollar industries focused on development in Yongkang City. Among them, Yongkang City's financial guidance has contributed 40 million yuan, and the rest of the funds have been funded or raised by TTGG. At present, it has attracted Jingdong Financial's club owners and other social capital to participate. The combination of strength and strength is an important measure for Yongkang to vigorously develop the real economy and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. The government hopes to interact with the industry through the interaction between the fund and the enterprise, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional hardware industries and the development of strategic emerging industries. , Actively promote the promotion of large enterprises to expand financing channels, accelerate the pace of listing, accelerate the pace of upgrading of new energy vehicles, high-end equipment, modern hardware, new materials and other advantageous industries, and further accelerate the transformation of traditional manufacturing enterprises to intelligent manufacturing enterprises. It is hoped that through the industrial fund platform, we will accelerate the scientific and technological innovation, technological innovation, industrial upgrading and capital operation of Yongkang's enterprises, enhance international competitiveness and market share, and achieve the goal of becoming bigger and stronger. It is hoped that industrial funds will leverage other social capital to promote the accumulation of industrial capital and flow to high-growth, high-value competitive companies and high-quality assets including SMEs.

For TTGG in heaven, we hope to use this cooperation as an opportunity to use capital as a link to integrate superior resources, promote cooperation in capital, high-quality assets, and industrial resources, and assist leading companies in competitive industries in Yongkang City to drive core technologies and products. Quality-driven transformation, accelerate the process of branding, internationalization, and capitalization. As the first batch of equity investment institutions in Zhejiang Province, Paradise Silicon Valley has become the top 10 domestic asset management group in Zhejiang Province after nearly 18 years of development. The company has always insisted on deepening the real economy. In the field of equity investment, it has supported nearly 100 SMEs, and the percentage of listings has accounted for 47.1% (including new three boards). In the field of industrial integration and mergers and acquisitions, it has cooperated with nearly 50 listed companies to help them sort out their strategies. The direction of development, the implementation of the extended integration of mergers and acquisitions; in the field of support for state-owned enterprise reform, helping the Greenland Group, Hua Digital Media, Cai Tong Securities, property Zhongda, Hangzhou Iron and Steel shares, Juhua shares and other companies to upgrade and achieve significant results. Before cooperating with Yongkang City, it has successively met with the National Ministry of Science and Technology, Zhejiang Provincial Government, Hangzhou City, Ningbo City, Taizhou City, Zhoushan City, Shaoxing Keqiao District, Hangzhou Xiaoshan District, Suzhou Xiangcheng District, Guangxi Autonomous Region and other levels of government. Guiding fund cooperation to jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of local economies and investment in emerging industries has achieved good economic and social benefits. It is believed that TTGG, with its own core competitiveness and its advantages and layout in the allocation of global resources, can contribute to the high-quality development of Yongkang's economy and add new momentum to Yongkang's accelerated development of industrial capital and financial capital.

As an industrial base for smart manufacturing clustering, Yongkang is a fulcrum and microcosm of TTGG promotion of focus, industrial integration and investment distribution in the smart manufacturing industry. TTGG  is also pursuing smart manufacturing clusters in Zhejiang Province, such as Keqiao Printing and Dyeing, Yongkang Hardware House, Ningbo Automobile & Motorcycle Fittings, Taizhou Medical and other manufacturing industry clusters, hoping to rely on the professional advantages of focusing on the industry to form a joint industry force. Promoting the listing and integration of M&A in the smart manufacturing industry, nurturing the leader in the smart manufacturing industry in China and even in the world.

TTGG believes that the real economy is the backbone of the Chinese economy, and the development of smart manufacturing is closely related to strategic emerging industries and strategic adjustment of the economic structure and is the mainstay of the real economy. Intelligent manufacturing has always been one of the industry areas that TTGG has focused on and deepened. At present, the company has more than 40 smart manufacturing companies in management, with a multi-billion-dollar investment. Among them, many high-quality intelligent manufacturing enterprise have been invested in Zhejiang and the Yangtze River Delta region.

The integrated circuit industry is the foundation and core of the information industry and a strategic, fundamental, and leading industry for national economic and social development. The "Implementation Opinions on Further Accelerating the Development of the Integrated Circuit Industry" in Zhejiang Province in November 2017 pointed out that Zhejiang Province will focus on accelerating the development of the IC industry and strive to exceed 100 billion yuan in industrial revenue in 2020. It is committed to becoming a leading domestic IC design province. And the country's important integrated circuit industry base.

In August 2011, TTGG invested in Changchuan Science and Technology, an integrated circuit high-tech enterprise in Hangzhou (300604). The company was established in 2008, has always insisted on taking the road of independent research and development, and has a high-level R&D team. However, the company’s own funds are unable to make large-scale investments in such short-term and difficult directions as R&D. After making a keen judgment on the development prospects of the integrated circuit industry and the potential of the company's professional and technical team, TTGG made decisive investment and became its first “Bole”, which enabled the company to obtain tens of millions of funds for R&D. Breaking through the key technical bottlenecks of the product and ushering in an explosion of development, its net profit has increased several times in a few short years, and landed on the GEM on April 17, 2017. At present, the company has become the leading domestic IC testing equipment industry, and the overall competitiveness of technology advantages, service quality, and market resources is much higher than that of domestic counterparts.


Robots are hailed as the jewels at the top of the smart manufacturing crown. They are also an important symbol for measuring the level of technological innovation and manufacturing of a country, region and enterprise.

In November 2011, TTGG invested 6 million yuan in Jinzhou Robots Changzhou Co., Ltd. through the TTGG. After five years of development, it has become a pioneer in the Chinese truss robot industry and successfully listed the new- three boards on September 1, 2016. (839127). The company was established in September 2010. In response to the development of the global industrial revolution, the company has developed the first tonnage-level roller guide truss robot, the first fully automated production line for heavy-duty crankshafts, and the first heavy-duty piston. Fully automatic production line, the first train axle production line, automatic production line for the first cylinder cylinder head co-production, the first automatic brake caliper production line, the first fully automated crankshaft production workshop, and the first brake caliper The entire logistics factory, etc., is committed to building an unmanned factory in China.


Since its inception, TTGG has consistently provided partners with a wide range of value-added services. On August 23, 2016, Jinshi Robots and Liebherr, Europe's top manufacturer of truss robots, formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two companies will focus on product development, production, and technology through the integration of superior resources and automated production lines and intelligent unattended plants. In-depth cooperation in service, system integration, etc., to enjoy quality resources, and jointly deepen China's market. The cooperation is of far-reaching significance. It not only provides users with world-class automation and intelligent solutions, but also makes more contributions to our country's automated production lines and intelligent unmanned factories, while also providing users with the best and most timely localization. service. TheTTGG is the role and attitude of a responsible minority shareholder. It has always helped companies grow bigger and stronger, helping them realize the dream of an unmanned factory.


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