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[Original Research] TTGG Internet Financial Service: exploring the asset allocation mode of internet

Date: 2016-04-05
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According to relevant data, Chinese private wealth reached RMB 110 Yuan trillion in 2015, the CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of high-net-worth individuals reached 20%, and the number of high-net-worth families was 2.01 million. That is to say, an unprecedented enormous high-net-worth and middle class group will come into being in China. Under this environment, the existing financial service becomes unable to satisfy the diversified and three-dimensional investing and financing demands. 
“Internet +Big Asset Management” layout
The new asset allocation mode by means of internet is currently rising, and Zhejiang Silicon Paradise Asset Management Group (hereinafter referred to as “TTGG”) with a sixteen-year history has understood this is an irresistible trend and established its wholly-owned subsidiary---- Hangzhou TTGG Internet Financial Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “GGJF”) in 2014 in order to make advanced layout in the upcoming era of “Internet + Big Asset Management”. As one pilot enterprise of internet financial service approved by West Lake District Financial Affairs Office, GGJF has proactively carried out exploration and innovation in multiple fields like asset management, internet financing and financial service outsourcing. 
Creating a customer-satisfied asset allocation internet platform
The internet-based asset allocation doesn’t simply mean diversified investment, and instead, it focuses on each investor’s ability to make proper allocation of different types of financial assets and to seek an optimal solution among personalized risks, benefits and liquid asset portfolio according to their own risk preference and wealth management demand. Each customer wants differently, so how the asset management company provides diversified investment portfolio based on customer demands is similar to internet thoughts. Both of them plan and utilize resources from the perspective of customers (or users), try to win the market beneficial to customers (or users) and meet their personalized demands according to the actual conditions of customers (or users). As an asset management platform developing from a high starting point, GGJF knows clearly about the essence and closely focuses on the ability of “seeking and gaining” from GGTT asset side by providing diversified products, taking professional risk control actions and offering humanized customer service in hope of giving high-net-worth customers perfect asset allocation service to realize reassuring money management.
Making innovation of modes and walking diversified paths
By thinking outside the traditional internet finance box, GGJF made innovative breakthroughs in the following three fields:
Firstly, providing qualified investors with asset allocation services centered by private equity.
With China’s economy entering into New Normal, the private equity develops in a new round of flourishing period. The data shows that Chinese private equity fund accomplished a transaction amount of USD 192.1 billion in 2015, up 169% compared with last year and accounting for 48% of the global total transactions while the global total transaction amount only increased by 18% in the same period. Therefore, it proves that China’s private equity has a brilliant future. TTGG, as the parent company of GGJF is a well-known and also the largest private holding asset management agency in Zhejiang, boasting huge professional and resource advantages in private equity field. Taking advantages of the asset side of TTGG, GGJF has been effectively grafted with internet gene and created the “private equity expert” in internet finance. On one hand, GGJF provides more convenient investment services including value-added services like online road show, account management, information disclosure and investment research and report for qualified investors by virtue of internet technologies, and on the other hand, it offers three dimensional asset allocation solutions to qualified investors, including new composite patterns of various financial assets from stock equity investment, merger & acquisition fund and hedge fund to fixed-income instruments and liquid assets.
Secondly, opening pledge financing business centered by “new third board” stock equity.
For most enterprises, they would prefer new third board listing and private placement as new ways of direct financing because the IPO on mainboard, SMEs Board and GEM is very hard to be achieved. However, for some excellent enterprises with great market prospects, listing and private placement cannot satisfy their demand for capital. Moreover, traditional financial agencies usually reject the equity pledge financing of third board enterprises. Therefore, through research on national policies, new third board and listed enterprises, GGJF determined a pledge financing service strategy centered by new third board stock equity where the financier can be third board enterprises or stockholders themselves. Relying on the professional investment ability and advantages from the parent company, TTGG in the industrial integration and merger & acquisition field, it is able to resolve the investment risks, offering effective financing solutions to third board enterprises, especially the small and medium-sized enterprises so as to support their innovation development, transformation and upgrading.
Thirdly, helping cooperative enterprise provide supporting financial services.
TTGG, the parent company of GGJF has successively undertaken about 200 investment and asset management projects since its foundation sixteen years ago, ushered in the “PE + listed enterprises” pattern in China and carried out M&A cooperation with about 40 listed enterprises. Based on this, GGJF will give full play to its advantages to further explore high-quality channels and provide a series of supporting financial services like short-term capital turnover, supply chain finance and enterprise staff consumer loans for cooperative enterprises. By expanding the bank investment participating loan pattern from “PE + bank” to “PE + internet finance”, it has enriched financing channels for enterprises, created more flexible financing patterns and also reduced the financing costs for small and medium-sized enterprises. 
Exploration of internet finance
In recent years, the internet finance has been keeping growing and various internet financial enterprises have sprung up like mushrooms. However, the internet financial enterprises represented by P2P are an admixture of good and evil where problems emerge in endlessly. GGJF has made overall and strict research and formulation on the whole industry, development trend and risk control standards when entering into the internet finance field, and taken the integrated high-quality asset side as the cornerstone of the platform’s sound development. Meanwhile, GGJF proactively cooperates with regulatory agencies, closely follows the orientation of regulation and consistently complies with the risk control principles of finance. By holding the original intention of serving substantial economy, it guarantees more secure, professional, effective and convenient investment services for investors by virtue of internet, especially the advanced technologies of mobile internet.  
Through more than one year of exploration, GGJF has set up its own internet financing platform----Jinfu Mall in which more and more investors choose to make investing and financing. Currently, the new asset management platform website and APP of GGJF are under revision and upgrading and will be released to users at the end of April. By virtue of integrating the internet technologies, the value and service level of asset management will be promoted. At that time, more value-added service functions, innovative financing patterns and asset management services will be opened to the public. 
As a time-honored brand of asset management and a new generation of internet finance, how GGJF creates its own new field in the changeable financial circle? The internet finance is in a season of sowing, and GGJF will keep exploring on the health development of the industry. 
(Source from Hangzhou TTGG Internet Financial Service Co., Ltd.)

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