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In the era of science and technology, private equity funds help hard technology development

Date: 2019-05-26
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On the morning of May 25th, the 5th Global Private Equity Fund West Lake Summit opened at the Intercontinental Hotel in Hangzhou. The summit focused on the theme of “Financial Supply Side Structural Reform and Private Equity Development”, attracting more than 1,000 people from China, the United States, Australia and other countries. Private equity fund industry leaders, experts and scholars, and financial elites gathered in Hangzhou to discuss how private equity funds can serve the real economy, build multi-level capital markets, and build a modern financial system. Zhou Jiangyong, member of the Standing Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, attended the main forum and delivered a speech. Zhu Congxi, deputy governor of Zhejiang Province, and Yao Feng, deputy mayor of Hangzhou, attended the meeting.



Private equity funds support science and technology enterprises with significant benefits


At present, China's private equity funds have maintained positive growth in terms of volume and size of funds. According to data from the China Securities Investment Fund Association, as of the end of April 2019, the China Foundation has registered 24,400 private equity fund managers, and has registered 77,100 private equity funds. The scale of managed funds has exceeded 13 trillion yuan. The private equity industry has become multi-level. An important part of the capital market “four beams and eight pillars”.


Hangzhou, the host of the summit, is an important representative city of China's new economy. Zhou Jiangyong, member of the Standing Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and secretary of the Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee, said in his speech that at present, Hangzhou has completed 1,157 private equity fund managers registered in the China Securities Association, with 4,731 filing funds and a management asset of 508.6 billion yuan, becoming the fourth largest private equity fund in China. city. Zhou Jiangyong said that private equity funds are an important carrier for the formation of innovative capital. They are connected with funds and are connected with technology. As an important part of the multi-level capital market, they are currently solving the real economy, especially private enterprises. The issue plays an important role.

Hong Lei, president of the China Securities Investment Fund Association, said in a keynote speech that private equity funds have contributed to the development of the real economy. Among the 110 companies that have already announced the results, 88 companies have obtained 686 equity ventures. The fund's investment is 34.6 billion yuan in investment. It can be seen that private equity has a significant benefit in supporting venture capital funds with venture capital funds, laying a good foundation for the coordinated development of the real economy and capital markets. The new finance represented by private equity funds is the characteristic and advantage of Hangzhou's financial industry. The Global Private Equity Fund West Lake Summit is the most important annual event for the private equity industry in China. The first four years of the West Lake Summit were centered on the secondary market. The organization that introduced the primary market for the first time this year, Paradise Silicon Valley Asset Management Group (hereinafter referred to as Paradise Silicon Valley) was the sole representative of a private equity investment institution. Sub-forum in the afternoon.


In the era of science and technology, private equity funds help hard technology


Science and technology is the foundation of the country's strength, innovation is the soul of national progress, and capital is the core driving force for technological innovation. On the afternoon of the 25th, the main summit of the “Private Equity Development Strategy of the Science and Technology Times” sponsored by Paradise Silicon Valley attracted more than 400 people from industry, financial industry, and more than 400 representatives of listed companies to discuss and discuss together. Under the era of science and technology, how private equity funds can help the development of hard technology companies. Zou Yun, a bilingual host from the CCTV English Channel, hosted the forum.




He Xiangdong, chairman of Paradise Silicon Valley, said in his opening speech that the real strength competition between countries should be based on the comprehensive national strength of science and technology innovation enterprises. At present, compared with the United States, Chinese listed companies rely on global market capitalization. Among the former enterprises, the proportion of science and technology companies is very low. The launch of the science and technology board enables the capital market to better serve China's own science and technology innovation enterprises. It is an important part of the strategy of strengthening the country through science and technology and an important part of building a multi-level capital market. Initiative. Kechuang Board will become the vane of the future direction of China's capital market, and for private equity investment institutions, it also means new opportunities and challenges.




If the structural reform of the financial supply side is likened to a chessboard, the science and technology board is the 'chess eye' of reform. To understand the future of the science and technology board, we must first focus on the entire forest. Hu Bin, deputy director of the Institute of Finance of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, mentioned in his keynote speech that the main tone of China's future financial work is the four major tasks and three major tasks. Finance should return to serve the origin of the real economy and improve the quality of the service real economy. And level. The central government's proposal to vigorously develop direct financing means that the development of private equity is in line with the country's future principles and policies, and it is also the trend of the times. He pointed out that under the general environment of Sino-US trade friction, China's capital overseas investment opportunities have become less, forcing Chinese private equity funds to find domestic enterprises with independent property rights and core competitiveness, so the private equity foundation has ushered in a new round of development. Financial technology will become a breakthrough in the structural reform of the financial supply side in the future.



How to understand the significance of the establishment of the science and technology board for the construction of China's capital market infrastructure? How to grasp the investment opportunities under the rise of Science and Technology Edition? Zhou Xiangyong, general manager of Cathay Pacific Fund Management Co., Ltd. said in his keynote speech: The six industries encouraged by Science and Technology Board can only solve the financing problem by relying solely on creditor's rights. It is necessary for the society to build an industrial chain with equity financing problems and let more investment. Institutions can participate, share risks, share returns, and fundamentally solve the problem of equity financing and exit of technology innovation enterprises. This is the essence of the science and technology board. Kechuang board has innovations in trading system, strategic placement and delisting. At the same time, it will introduce strategic investors, hoping to create strategic synergy with enterprises, help enterprises develop smoothly after listing, and truly promote the value of strategic investors. effect.


In the new era, what changes will technology innovation companies bring to our lives? What opportunities and challenges will the company bring to the development of the enterprise? As the host of the round table salon, Zhong Jun, a partner in the financial technology industry from Paradise Silicon Valley, opened a brainstorm for the future of science and technology innovation. Yuan Guojun, founder and CEO of Shanghai Honglu Data, Shao Chunneng, chairman of Hangzhou Baicheng Pharmaceutical, Wang Yue, founder of Beijing Yirui Xinchuang Technology, Wang Zhen, deputy general manager of Shanyang Yangyang Technology, Zhou Xin, partner of Paradise Silicon Valley, etc. I shared my views from different angles, and created a wonderful and high-level dialogue from big data, big health, new materials and other track dialogue boards.




The launch of Kechuang Board provides clearer development goals and exit methods for outstanding technology companies, and also brings opportunities for outstanding private equity investment institutions. The four investment areas focused on the core of Paradise Silicon Valley: information technology, smart manufacturing, medical health and core technology-based consumer industries are the core areas of this board. At present, the two target companies directly investing in Paradise Silicon Valley have already applied for the Kechuang Board. Among them, Hangzhou ArcSoft Technology is the world's leading provider of computer vision algorithm service providers and solutions, and image optimization of 80% of Android smartphones worldwide. The functions are based on ArcSoft's technology; Danghong Technology is a national high-tech enterprise that provides intelligent video solutions and video cloud services, and has deep core technology in the field of video coding and transcoding. In addition, the clear data of Paradise Silicon Valley investment, digital technology, Honglu data, small i robot, Qingdun Technology, Setters, Tianguang, etc. are also very excellent technology innovation companies. The establishment of the Science and Technology Board has strengthened the investment direction of Paradise Silicon Valley and helped the development of science and technology innovation enterprises through the integration of resources and energy.

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