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[Dynamic News] Professional advancement, ready to go - Paradise Silicon Valley 2019 semi-annual bus

Date: 2019-08-08
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From August 5th to 8th, Paradise Silicon Valley 2019 semi-annual business situation analysis meeting and the fifth reading meeting were successfully held in Shaoxing.

  [Dynamic News] Professional advancement, ready to go - Paradise Silicon Valley 2019 semi-annual bus 

On the 6th, more than 60 people from the leadership of the group company and our management team participated in the semi-annual work summary and the key work seminar in the second half of the year. He Xiangdong, the chairman of our company, presided over the meeting. The meeting reviewed the business development and business layout of our company in the first half of the year, and clarified the strategic development direction of the company in the future. In the first half of the year, the company completed institutional reforms and business integration, and focused on strengthening its core competitiveness in the segmentation field. On the asset side, the company has set up four industrial clusters, including information technology, intelligent manufacturing, medical health, and large consumption, in the direction of key focus. Through the centralized management of the business unit system, the project resources, investment research capabilities, and judgment capabilities have been strengthened. The synergy effect of post-investment management, project exit, etc., and the formation of synergy, consolidating the core competitiveness of the asset side. In order to further optimize and enhance the “PE+ listed company” model, the Group established the M\u0026A Business Unit and continued to strengthen cooperation with listed companies to help them become bigger and stronger. At the fundraising side, Hangzhou was the fund headquarters, and a professional team was set up in Beijing and Shanghai to prepare sufficient ammunition for the assets. The heads of the new business units have made key reports on investment direction, management methods, incentive mechanisms, team building, etc., and elaborated and shared the development goals and key tasks in the second half of the year. The heads of the various middle and back office departments made brief reports and analysis on the company's financial, fund, project investment, post-investment management and other related situations in the first half of the year, and put forward rationalization suggestions from the perspective of optimizing internal processes and improving management efficiency. After listening to the report, Mr. He summarized the company's operation and problems in the first half of the year and made important arrangements for the work in the second half of the year. He pointed out that in the future, the company should focus on investment quality and development efficiency, actively build ballast stone projects, and continuously enhance the core competitiveness of value creation.


On the 7th, the 5th reading conference with the theme of “professional advancement and high-quality development” kicked off. More than 100 employees and group leaders of our company attended the meeting. Under the background of de-leveraging and strict supervision, China's private equity industry is forming a head effect. How to maintain its leading edge in the big waves is worth pondering. This book club specially invited Shi Jianjun, the chairman of Dunhe Asset Management Co., Ltd., to give us a keynote speech on 'Development of Private Equity Investment Funds\The mystery of being in an invincible position. Mr. Wang Linjiang, the honorary chairman of Paradise Silicon Valley, has taken an important and profound lesson from the perspective of corporate culture.

 In the 16 books, this book recommended two copies of 'Repeat' and 'OKR Work Method' recommended for all staff to help you master a more scientific and effective work methodology, and also found the golden key to investment and management. At the round table salon, the five representatives from each business team shared their understanding of the OKR Work Method and how to apply the focused thinking to daily investment management. Achieve professional and refined goals. On the stage, the players not only showed their views but also showed their style. After the jury, they scored two of the most popular prizes.


 [Dynamic News] Professional advancement, ready to go - Paradise Silicon Valley 2019 semi-annual bus 

The most exciting thing is the super-debating session. The 10 debaters from the company's business team and the middle and back office departments have launched a slap in the face of the debate that “is important for investment or management is important for project success”. And brainstorming. The whole debate contest culminated, the debaters on the stage clashed, and the audience under the audience interacted enthusiastically. After fierce competition and wonderful speculation, the judges finally selected the best team and best debater after professional scoring and collective collegiation. . This debate is the first time the company has tested the water. It aims to guide everyone to strengthen their study and thinking, but also to strengthen discussion and collision, and to spark the spark of thought.

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