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Make concerted efforts, overcome difficulties, Paradise Valley rush to the rescue epidemic in key ar

Date: 2020-01-29
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Boxer age first,

Your name touched the Chinese eyes,

Your every move affects atrial countless Chinese people!

Although the city has been sealed, but you are not an island,

Countless beautiful retrograde person you come runnin,

All eyes affectionate concern forward your affectionate gaze!

Wuhan, please do not be afraid!

We will surmount converging majestic power!

Wuhan, please do not be sad!

The epidemic will eventually disperse the haze,

I hope that the lights will soon light up happiness and good reunion time!

2020 Chinese Spring Festival, the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic raging Wuhan, the land of China sounded the assembly number. In this tough blocking epidemic, there is no earth-shattering rhetoric, there is no bugle pierced the night sky, but we still saw 'the most beautiful person retrograde' figure, stick to see the power of 'the most lovely person' see more to the National people's epidemic winning the confidence and determination. Paradise Valley as a member, always pay close attention to the epidemic dynamics, the heart of the fighting in the front line of health care workers, the PLA and armed police officers, journalists, volunteers and all staff involved in the fight against the epidemic, in which we extend to them the most lofty respect!

Paradise Valley: rush to the rescue Wuhan, duty-bound

As a responsible, private equity investment institutions to play, and Paradise Valley swift action to fight the epidemic modest contribution! Paradise Valley car as Cao Cao's A + round lead investor side, with its holding company Paradise Valley together, jointly invested 10 million yuan to support Cao Cao travel emergency prevention and control team to protect the community residents to provide free transport service designated as Wuhan, which is Paradise Valley the energized for the practice of portfolio companies and to witness! From the time January 26 0, except with permission of the security for the truck, free transport vehicles, official vehicles, the central city of Wuhan area has been in place No traffic management, currently in Wuhan network about cars to defer any private open. In order to solve public problems such as home travel inconvenience, Wuhan is equipped with several emergency support vehicles in each community, by the community committees to use unified. Cao Cao travel positive response, sent out 500 car fleet consisting of emergency prevention and control safeguards involved for the inconvenience residents come to provide free delivery, send food, medicine and other home delivery services, and help relevant patient rushed to hospital. Cao Cao travel operations center and customer service department special group scheduling, epidemic prevention and control 24 hours with the car scheduling. For safe operation, Cao Cao platform has been equipped to travel hundreds of drivers chefs first expedition of the protective clothing and other equipment and disinfectant, adhere to a daily vehicle to conduct a comprehensive sterilization work, while the country driver publicize and implement the scientific community in the prevention, isolated virus protection-related knowledge, go all out epidemic prevention and control, to eliminate the possibility of infection.

It is worth mentioning that the Paradise Valley Wuhan team staff as Fang Hua Huazhong University of Science (, Union Hospital, Tongji Medical College) Alumni Association Secretary-General in Wuhan, starting from January 23 alumni of the first to respond advice and donations, as of 1 May at 17:00 on the 27th was to raise money 556,300 yuan, the entrepreneur receives donated masks 100,000, about 60 million, and was the first time to organize alumni Tongji, Concord and other hospitals hands of front-line medical staff. At the same time, also set up efficient Tongji Hospital, Union Hospital donated a total group communication, medical supplies and other logistics group, with the fastest speed in addressing the global alumni procurement consulting, logistics and other issues, set off around the alumni donations, the purchase of medical supplies wave, we have purchased a total of several million medical supplies to fight the epidemic in Wuhan contribute to a force!

Paradise Valley's listed companies Xinlong Holding: full capacity to protect key areas of Wuhan and other epidemics supplies

Xinlong Holding (000,955) as the fight against the epidemic of medical supplies such as masks and protective clothing for medical products, an important raw material producers, on January 20 had been notified holiday shutdown, but the face of the sudden outbreak of Wuhan, at 1 Yan Long Holdings May 23 urgent requests its Hainan, Hubei, Hunan base related medical protective materials production line does not stop production during the Spring Festival holiday, all production line workers have applied for leave and returning back to post full overtime, do their best to downstream masks, medical protective clothing manufacturers to provide products and other raw materials.

Integrated production base Xinlong Holding each shipment data, as of January 27, the company's total production shipments masks with nonwoven materials can be used to produce 30 million pieces masks. Expected during the Spring Festival, masks can provide companies with a total of nonwoven materials, can be used to produce masks hundred million only, and also provide raw materials to meet downstream of medical protective clothing for medical gowns and production requirements.

Meanwhile, the company fully cooperate with the local government to fight the epidemic, through donations or coordinating downstream manufacturers supply masks, etc., providing more than 250,000 masks to Chengmai County, Hainan Province, the disease control department and regional government in Hubei Province.

During the Spring Festival, all levels of government and Chengmai County, Hainan Province attaches great importance to the production and operation Xinlong Holding. The company during the Spring Festival non-stop, the behavior of materials with special needs and contributions of emergency epidemic prevention materials at full capacity was highly praised. At present, the company is still working on various base of production to ensure masks, medical protective clothing, and other major medical supplies to fight the epidemic stable supply of raw materials.

Paradise Valley family: The warm love Wuhan

Epidemic no mercy. The face of this raging epidemic, Paradise Valley family of many portfolio companies are vying to join forces to fight the epidemic of big, regardless of company size, are single-handedly rush to the rescue Wuhan. Ended at 12:28 on January day Paradise Valley invested enterprises ecosphere, Cao Cao car, financial securities, SF Holding, Spring Airlines, IFLYTEK, double into medicine, micro League Group Xilinmen, entrepreneurship Hui Kang, plug Virgin biotechnology, bio-Wo yuan, gold Technology, Land environmental Protection, west building, the flames Trimaran, Zhejiang Chinese Herbal medicine, big AI robot, a source of culture, the Yangtze River medicine, space-time energy, Li Si-chen, and other new high after another stretch out of hand, and actively fulfill their social responsibilities.


Financial securities: donation 12 million yuan to fight the epidemic rush to the rescue

January 27, Choi Tong Securities Wing's rate futures, money through funds, financial securities owned subsidiary tubes donation 12 million yuan to Zhejiang University Education Foundation, urgent help to fight the epidemic. The donated funds will be included in the 'First Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University Education Foundation novel coronavirus pneumonia disease special fund' unified management, earmarked for supporting First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, epidemic prevention and control required to purchase health care medical equipment and supplies needed for treatment, epidemic prevention and control zones reward frontline medical workers (including Wuhan, Zhejiang support teams), supports scientific research novel coronavirus pneumonia disease, infectious disease disciplines to promote research and development, and effectively practicing corporate social responsibility, contribute to the fight against the epidemic.

SF Holdings: donated 20 million yuan public transport +

January 25, SF has announced the launch of free public transport passage of relief supplies, provide public transportation to local governments, philanthropic organizations. In the meantime, individual and sent to Wuhan Wuhan Spring Festival send express mail service fee waived. In addition, SF sent two plane to Wuhan, the transport of 32 tons of medical relief supplies. January 26, SF further announced that it would donate 20 million yuan for the purchase of medical supplies, masks, protective clothing, disinfectant, goggles and other urgently needed relief supplies to help fight the epidemic of Hubei Province.

Micro League Group: donated 10 million yuan in Wuhan and the surrounding area has the full support of epidemic prevention and control

January 27, to support the fight against the epidemic and Wuhan City, Hubei Province pneumonia novel coronavirus infection, micro League Group announced a donation of 10 million yuan to Wuhan, Hubei Province and surrounding areas through the Shanghai Charity Foundation, for the procurement of various types needed medical supplies. Your donation will be used for priority areas of Hubei Province in urgent need of medical supplies, including Wuhan and the surrounding Huanggang, Xiaogan, Jingmen, Xianning epidemic and other key cities, including the procurement of medical masks, goggles, protective clothing and disinfectant supplies and other medical supplies, hope this can provide more help to fight and protect front line health care workers.

In addition, the AU established a micro-novel coronavirus pneumonia 'outbreak real-time tracking' feature page, rendered in real time around the confirmed cases, suspected cases, cure summary of the situation and the geographical distribution of cases and so on, so that the public first time to grasp the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic dynamic and latest progress. Micro One group will play the advantages of technology companies, to the Shanghai Charity Foundation jointly sponsored surging News 'Fight novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic special action', the first time an emergency program to develop small lines charitable donations, and opened a free consultation related to the epidemic Yijuan channel and channel the power of the Internet with the full support of the national fight against the epidemic.

Donated medical supplies and life

Wuhan Biological Seville: donate 10,000 on masks and other medical supplies

January 25, Wuhan Seville Biotechnology Co., Ltd. actively help Wuhan epidemic prevention work, donated to Gedian Economic and Technological Development Zone, 20,000 ordinary disposable masks, activated carbon masks 3000, 3M N90 masks 200 series of activated carbon, medical latex 10,000 pairs of gloves.

Wo Yuan bio: donate antiviral hand sanitizer, the fight against the epidemic novel coronavirus

For this new epidemic coronavirus, Wuhan yuan Wo Biological Technology Co., Ltd. has developed the anti-SARS, MERS, HIV and influenza viruses broad-spectrum anti-viral drugs GRFT prepared for anti-viral disinfectant, for blocking Communication, Wuhan new coronavirus, all employees work overtime day and night, in view of the good blocking transmission of coronavirus GRFT, was January 10 completed the reorganization GRFT liquid formulations a preventable influenza and other epidemic coronavirus - g busulfan TM-free hand-washing disinfectant, evenly spread as long as the hand look, it can be effective in preventing influenza virus and other popular coronavirus infection. In order to cope with the sudden outbreak, the company January 20 launch immediately a large number of sample production, recall the core backbone technology R & D and production department has been on leave, overtime and finally working towards a sample of more than 1,000 branches in the twelfth lunar month on the 29th, and all donated to the relevant hospital affiliated Zhongnan hospital of Wuhan University and other front-line medical staff for their hard work we contribute to a bio-innovation company in the front line.

A source of culture: 46500 donated masks, body temperature detection equipment six

A source of culture donated 46,500 masks, body temperature testing equipment donated six, and the other rubbing alcohol, cold medicine and other items, of about 110,000 yuan.

IFLYTEK: 10 million donated supplies epidemic prevention and control, rush to the rescue Wuhan

January 26, IFLYTEK announced a donation of 10 million supplies epidemic prevention and control, rush to the rescue Wuhan. In addition to rush to the rescue Wuhan shortage of medical supplies, IFLYTEK will start facing a public health emergency in response to major provinces and cities to provide free electronic medical records, outbound intelligent voice and other technical support, while taking advantage of the medical assistant energized grass-roots wisdom medical perform the most basic precautions.

Pharmaceutical into double: 4000 donated injection thymalfasin (peptidyl) for virus prevention

Hainan into a double Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. actively fulfill their social responsibility, donated 426,400 yuan of emergency injection thymalfasin (groups of the peptide) to the Hainan provincial Red Cross 4000, for the prevention and control of novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, improve medical personnel immunity to the new coronavirus, so that they can more tenaciously fighting in the front line fighting the epidemic.

Diamond Jubilee: 2000 donated mattresses and other daily supplies to Wuhan

January 25, Xilinmen executives set up an emergency rescue epidemic temporary special group, retractable convenience to Shaoxing, Wuhan Red Cross donations through the Red Cross, lightweight mobile portable mattress and pillows operations 1450 550, a total of 2000.

Large Ai robot: donated goggles 300

Real-controlled People's Congress robot Ai Shuai Mei an individual donation of 300 goggles.

Comprehensive medical assistance

Venture Hui Kang: free Internet to build various medical institutions Hospital Information Platform

The face of the epidemic, the software entrepreneur's entrepreneur Hui Kang played healthcare industry technology company's strengths and power of Internet entrepreneurs Hui Kang first time to respond quickly to coordinate the organization of various departments on-line internet platform for hospital information, any medical nationwide institutions are free access. By access platform, all medical institutions are available to people across the country to provide professional, online medical consultation service. Consultation platform supports online health advice, coronavirus preventive counseling and rehabilitation counseling. Hospital experts can organize hospital doctors real-time online, so that those suffering from the disease to get accurate and timely diagnosis is recommended, for the epidemic to be effective preventive, rehabilitation of scientific recommendations for discharged patients, medical and epidemic prevention to meet the health needs of people across the country.

Zhejiang Chinese Herbal Medicine: Chinese medicine help anti-epidemic

In the case of Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd. Pieces of Chinese medicine medical institutions to complete the task stocking antiviral decoction in early, still had an important job to stay on duty. January 24, the company received an emergency distribution of drugs request, the company rapid response, unified deployment, the first time to organize the deployment of reserve-related drugs, and arrange car out quickly, in just 90 minutes will guarantee the drugs to the medical institutions to practical actions to ensure timely response to emergencies in front of medical institutions. As of January 28 when 12 Pieces of Chinese medicine company shipments distribution volume reached 4210kg, with traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions for the amount of boiling over 8758.

Yangtze River Pharmaceutical: 24 hours a day, to protect the epidemic prevention drug supply

Yangtze River in Hubei Pharmaceutical Group set up a disease emergency leading group fighting the epidemic in the first line. Yangtze River in Hubei large pharmacy chain stores all employees stick to their posts, the store open for business 24 hours, to protect the supply of drugs prevention deployment, ensure adequate supply stores, while strengthening the epidemic propaganda, protection and provide scientific guidance.

Travel Transportation

Cao Cao car: Pause network operators around the car, set up emergency teams to guarantee the prevention and control epidemic

January 24 at noon, Cao Cao Wuhan travel network about cars suspend operations for the formation of the epidemic 'emergency prevention and control to protect the team,' the driver to protect themselves under the premise of full cooperation to support epidemic prevention and control work. Cao Cao travel operations center and customer service departments have also set up a special group scheduling, epidemic prevention and control vehicles 24 hours with scheduling, travel offers free services to all residents in Wuhan. Cao Cao car drivers do its utmost to distribute masks and disinfectant to remind drivers daily body temperature, good drivers physical and mental health management. It has set up an emergency prevention and control team, found hidden epidemic, will do all the isolation, to prevent the spread of disease, to protect the safety of drivers and passengers travel. '

Spring Airlines: All routes free carriage of relief supplies, 24-hour hotline on standby

January 25, Spring Airlines announced that, during the epidemic prevention and control, on all domestic, international and regional routes currently fly, and free carriage of relief supplies. Spring Airlines Shijiazhuang Airport has opened a green channel emergency, epidemic prevention to ensure the collection and transportation of drugs 24 hours. January 24 afternoon, Spring Airlines 'Shijiazhuang - Nanning' the first carrier flight 1428 kg anti-epidemic of drugs and medical devices. In addition, Spring Airlines pilots foreign delegates from over 20 countries around the world to cheer Wuhan, China for refueling!

New space-time energy: Blue Avenue set up an emergency security team in Wuhan

In the special moment of the epidemic, a lot of blue Wuhan Avenue driver still stick to their posts, serving the city travel. Blue Avenue has been established in Wuhan City Emergency Security Team, obey the unified command, to participate in Wuhan related emergency.

Gold Technology: The 70 city nearly 6000 sites, nearly ten thousand public bicycles disinfection

Gold Technology first time set up a special team to protect, disinfect all public bicycles in operations, focusing on urban railway stations, subway peripherals, and other populated district near the service station, on the handlebars, seat, service point query close contact with other parts of the focus disinfected with medical grade disinfectant. Now nearly 70 cities across the country nearly 6,000 sites, nearly ten thousand public bicycles for disinfection, sterilization next work will be continued to maintain precautionary measures to reduce the risk of spreading the virus, and it will increase the intensity of transporting the vehicle, strengthen empty full reservoir management and control, ensure smooth service hotline for the public and visitors to provide a clean and orderly public bicycle service during the Spring Festival.


Lanxum: providing free online learning services, launched the 'warm spring action'

Lanxum response to the State Government and the Board of Education policy guidelines for the epidemic of Wuhan, a large mobile classroom winter 2020 research study trip cancellation, Lanxum · Mintel provides online learning services for students, initiated the 'warm spring action' in 2020 on January 25 - February 25 period, as the nation's teachers and students to provide free online learning products.

Emerging high: the machine together with the police 'duty'

As a high-tech enterprise, not forgetting the emerging high 'safer smarter and better,' the corporate mission, hope this can contribute a special moment, to assume responsibility for the customers and the community. Recently, independent research and development of new high patrol robot in Shanghai together with the police, 'duty', which insists on line, for the safety of the masses escort, kept shouting to remind the public, tourists always pay attention to personal safety precautions.

Western-building: supports the new hospital in Wuhan raw materials, the expansion of life-saving 'channel'

Wuhan Vulcan Hill Hospital is to 'infrastructure spree' speed to fight the new epidemic coronavirus pneumonia expansion of life-saving 'channel.' After the construction of the west building belongs Builders Concrete learn to start building a hospital news, the first time put into action to protect the concrete supply of hospital construction.

Trimaran war: if the church will return to war

Trimaran war windward face of the epidemic assist police Sword - if any war, will be called back to back win! To better assist the public security departments for retroactive protection within the focus area, a special security 'epidemic' period of work, operation and maintenance to protect the flames of voluntary Qingzhan Trimaran delivery team, on duty for 24 hours in different areas of Hubei Province, the security escort for the people convoy.

Land Environmental Protection: their duties to protect the city clean

Grand environmental hygiene in order to protect the city during the Spring Festival, so food waste receive timely treatment, five projects in the camp still adhere to all employees in the first line. In order to protect the health and safety of all employees, each project leader strict implementation of corporate emergency prevention and control work plan for the collection and transportation of workers took to the streets equipped with protective clothing, protective gloves, protective shoes, protective masks and a series of protective equipment, and urge all employees to wear protective masks. Especially living in Hubei, Wuhan, close to the center of this epidemic of Huangshi food waste treatment project the first time to enter a state of emergency, all employees to give up vacations, stick to their posts.

Lulitongxin overcome difficulties.

Epidemic prevention and relief, without delay, every minute there are more enterprises to participate in the fight against SARS disease prevention action. Paradise Valley will join with people across the country, work together, hand in hand to win this battle the epidemic!

Pray for peace, refueling Wuhan, China refueling!

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