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[News] make concerted efforts, overcome difficulties, Paradise Valley rush to the rescue epidemic in

Date: 2020-02-14
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Pneumonia epidemic novel coronavirus infection affects the hearts of people across the country, Paradise Valley family of enterprises to actively respond to the call of aid, practice social responsibility. According to incomplete statistics, as of February 13, Paradise Valley family already more than 55 companies in different ways added to the rush to the rescue Wuhan, the fight against the epidemic of Battle, the total contributions of more than 65 million yuan.

During the Spring Festival, Paradise Valley Paradise Valley and the parent holding company jointly invested one million Cao Cao help protect convoys travel emergency prevention and control community residents to provide free services to the travel Wuhan specified. Paradise Valley's listed companies Xinlong Holding (000,955) at full protection of the epidemic in key areas such as Wuhan supplies, provided the total production during the Spring Festival masks with nonwoven materials, can be used to produce masks hundred million only.

In addition to January 28, February 5 Paradise Valley micro-channel public number reported in portfolio companies do their best to support the charity outside the affected areas, there are many follow-invested enterprises have given their love. Today we will continue to report on Paradise Valley ecosystem of portfolio companies 13 companies: Li-hsin Automation, Wuhan East Lake High-tech, new medicine in Beijing, Qi Yue environmental protection, Shanghai Xi Xiang, creating a large cloud data, Cao Cao travel, engine shield technology , cubic Holdings, Satyr, Austria Technology, Sobey digital, Hui Kang and other entrepreneurs, they have long, from the donation, aspects of the comprehensive medical assistance, scientific and technological power, transportation and other travel rush to the rescue epidemic, the fight against the epidemic.


Wuhan East Lake High-tech: Donation novel coronavirus nucleic acid detection kit in 5000 people

January 29, Wuhan East Lake Hi-tech Group Co., Ltd. donated part novel coronavirus nucleic acid detection kit 5000 to Huanggang City Red Cross.

Li Xin Automation: donor 800 thymalfasin injection drugs, medical help enhance immunity

Li Xin automated emergency procurement of new drugs 800 thymalfasin injection into a double to Hainan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and commissioned on behalf of its orientation donated to Huanggang Qichun strains Town hospitals to improve medical team medical staff of immunity force, adding a layer of protection for their life and health, help win pneumonia epidemic prevention and control warfare.

Beijing Pharmaceutical: Zhejiang Province by the Red Cross, donated five million yuan in cash, drugs worth five million yuan

Zhejiang Jingxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. donated 5 million yuan and 5 million yuan worth of medicines to the Red Cross, Zhejiang, Hubei directional support front-line health care workers. Donated drugs, comprising probiotic Bacillus licheniformis viable capsule formulation, and anti-infectives levofloxacin Kangfuxin, azithromycin tablets and other related drugs. Which regulate micro-ecological balance and resistance to secondary infection drugs, according to a new medicine in Beijing Chinese Academy of Engineering, Aglaia (Hangzhou) president Li Lanjuan hospital treatment summary and proposed novel coronavirus' Four two balance 'scheme selection of. Cash donations, mainly for the purchase of medical protective masks, protective clothing and other prevention materials, as well as payment of medical care subsidies.

Qi Yue environmental protection: Donation of medical gloves 60000

Qi Yue environmental protection a donation of medical gloves to the Jiangxi Provincial People's Government 60000. Two materials are still raising, including surgical masks, medical protective clothing, medical temperature gun.

Comprehensive medical assistance

Shanghai Xi Xiang: Doctors joint spring open online clinic

Shanghai and Hong Hee spring open online clinic doctors union support, thousands of medical professionals on the organization, providing 24/7 real-time online response service to ease the hospital pressure, reduce the risk of cross-infection of the residents in question.

Venture Kang Hui: to build emergency rescue systems, East Hospital, Tongji University, boosting national emergency medical rescue team set off in Wuhan

Venture Hui Kang actively cooperate with Eastern State Hospital emergency medical rescue teams to carry out epidemic rescue work in project time, heavy task difficulty, rapid response, within a few days to complete the procurement of hardware, emergency system development, testing, deployment, helping hospitals set up emergency rescue system to achieve real-time monitoring of patients with epidemic data, basic information, field reports and other data sharing and interconnection medical emergency command center on the mobile vehicle, providing data support for the first time Eastern State hospital emergency medical rescue team. In addition, it has donated 240 sets of goggles, protective masks 20,000 gift, and online creation of national 'fever clinics' free consultation, publish epidemic prevention and control of the overall solution. In addition, with the Shenzhen Wei health committee, through 'community health through' family doctor to provide free consulting services to the people of Shenzhen.

Travel Transportation

Cao Cao travel: LEVC will jointly launched the first comprehensive health network about cars

Hangzhou gifted Bank Ltd. (Cao Cao travel), will take the needs of both the Research Division and during the epidemic through the analysis of large data users to travel, commercial vehicle joint Geely London's electric vehicle (LEVC), a full range of health R & D version of the British TX models , the British version of the full range of health TX with sterilization and disinfection properties, and set up double cabin isolation to ensure the safety of passengers and drivers through closed.

Technology boost epidemic prevention and control

Yunchuang Big Data: participation in the completion of the new crown pneumonia epidemic forecasting and reporting academician Zhong Nanshan

Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Health federated cloud data, a large number of units of the new crown pneumonia epidemic conducted a comprehensive study. Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Health was founded by academician Zhong Nanshan, a respiratory disease State Key Laboratory, National Research Center for respiratory diseases in clinical medicine, national high-level group of experts, scientific research group leader unit. Yunchuang Professor Liu Peng, president of big data cloud, a large data rate technical team involved in a new type of coronavirus research and development of artificial intelligence to predict, has achieved initial results, and on the evening of February 12 made a report to the academician Zhong Nanshan.

Engine shield technology: AI outbreaks outside a small law call the phone number robot, epidemic prevention and control power

Engine shield technology combined with powerful AI technology and service experience, emergency assembly company resources, research and development on the line engine shield 'outside epidemic call robots.' By outbound robot cloud platform, using its own existing line resources, free for statistical analysis to help users accurately and effectively reduce infection dialogue may bring, including special populations information survey, specific populations reminders, information dissemination around the return to work, key personnel Paimo verification and other services.

Cube Holdings: by phone to open the door, the spread of virus attacks

Cubic users, free open mobile phone functions open the door, avoid touching touch user access control equipment, can not wear a mask to avoid the embarrassment of face recognition, contribute to a virus attack!

Satyr: SD-WAN service provided free of charge, to use the end of the epidemic

Commitment Satyr SD-WAN is free to end the epidemic, help telecommuting. SD-WAN solutions so that each row enterprises, government agencies, build a safer, efficient corporate network connection, the guardian of employee health.

Austria Technology: screening large data tracking, support for epidemic prevention and control

Austria Technology using its own government operations service capabilities of artificial intelligence, as early as the beginning of the outbreak of the epidemic, on the use of big data technology to provide data analysis for the public security, law enforcement, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Inner Mongolia and other provinces and cities, the epidemic situation judged other services, and to focus on personnel and vehicles to detect trace.

And for the case of Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province, Austria Technology provides statisticians flow of traffic and travel support for the Hangzhou public security and traffic cerebellum applied to the city's vehicle tracking field focus, the investigation focused on the vehicle, and the vehicle needs of affected areas isolation of personnel and vehicles to screen monitor. Meanwhile, Austria Technology Department of Zhejiang Province were also helped Wuhan inflow of demographic data model, developed and remote assistance statistics report. In addition, Austria Technology also for the Guangdong public security, public security departments to provide Xing'an League of Inner Mongolia epidemic control and prevention and control of data analysis, development management, operation and maintenance work, as well as epidemic investigation platform.

Sobey Digital: free of charge epidemic prevention and control information reporting tools to the government, and free video editing products and services

By Sobey cloud service system for core data, to quickly build reporting information imputation entrance, using mobile end devices to achieve the timely collection of all kinds of data and dynamic, epidemic prevention and control for the government to provide information reporting tool set free. February 6 Sobey free and open to the public full line of video editing products and services, including from the cloud to the end, from the consumer level to all radio and television editing products, users only need to fill out the application information to use for free.

None impassable in winter, no spring not coming!

We firmly believe that as long as there is confidence and perseverance, will eventually overcome the epidemic!

We firmly believe that there will be more companies and individuals to join the team to spread love and warmth in the past!

We look forward to, until evaporated, embrace the spring!

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