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[News] dynamic Paradise Valley won the China Mother Fund Alliance "China equity investment instituti

Date: 2020-03-18
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2020 March 8 afternoon, the Chinese venture Commission, the Chinese parent fund organized by the Federation, the mother Fund Research Center, Goodwill Award Organizing Committee organized the '2020 China equity investment industry opened the General Assembly' to live the way online success organized!

Meeting the same period, China equity investment industry to fight new crown pneumonia and 2020 Chinese investors in recognition of outstanding women blockbuster release list. Paradise Valley family has more than 50 companies in different ways added to the rush to the rescue Wuhan, the fight against the epidemic in Battle, 90.9 million yuan donation, donations 275 000, won the 'China equity investment institutions to fight pneumonia, the new crown model collective.'

Paradise Valley Wuhan team as Secretary-General Fang Hua Wuhan Huazhong University of Science Alumni Association, led the establishment of China Branch team of volunteers, donated goods to make access to the global alumni. Raise money 6 million, the entrepreneur receives donated 200,000 masks, distribution of materials 100 million yuan, and the first time to more than 100 hospitals hands of front-line medical staff, won the 'China equity investment institutions to fight the new crown advanced individual.'

This award is not only for us certainly, but also the encouragement, but also a responsibility. Future, Paradise Valley will continue to actively fulfill their social responsibilities, to fight the epidemic modest contribution!

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