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TTGG Thank-You Party for VIP Clients Ends in a Satisfactory Way

Date: 2017-01-16
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On Jan. 13, 2017, a TTGG Thank-You Party for VIP Clients under the theme “Foresight & Determination- China’s Economic Outlook in 2017” was held at Xixi Hotel Hangzhou. TTGG President Mr. HE Xiangdong and the entire management team attended the party. Our holding parent company GGTT’s Managing Directors GAO Jie, SHAO Wenhai and LIU Zengwei specially came to attend the party from Beijing. 300 high net worth investors gathered for the party. All seats were occupied.

 TTGG Thank-You Party for VIP Clients Ends in a Satisfactory WayTTGG Thank-You Party for VIP Clients Ends in a Satisfactory WayTTGG Thank-You Party for VIP Clients Ends in a Satisfactory WayTTGG Thank-You Party for VIP Clients Ends in a Satisfactory Way

TTGG President Mr. HE Xiangdong said in his welcoming speech that 2016 was a year of innovations and breakthroughs for TTGG. The capital our company actually collected increased to RMB 1.2 billion Yuan, which further improved our comprehensive competitiveness and profitability. We actively and bravely took on the heavy responsibilities of managing government industrial funds. Our carte blanche service developed rapidly. Triumphant news about our participation in the reform of state-owned enterprises kept pouring in. Our international M&A business had a good beginning. Mr. HE stressed that our company’s achievements today were inseparable from our high net worth investor’s long-term company, trust and support.


A big highlight of this party was the keynote speech on China’s economic outlook in 2017 given by the State Information Center’s Chief Economist Professor FAN Jianping. Professor FAN has engaged in the State Development and Reform Commission’s macroeconomic policy research for a long time. He has taken part in many national key research projects and the recent “5-Year Plan” studies. His research findings in aspects like macroeconomic situation, China's medium and long-term development strategy and consumption policy have important influences in the theoretical community and the government’s decision-making departments. Professor FAN analyzed the current macroeconomic situation, the forming reasons, the important influencing factors, the key factors that influence our future economic trends and the countermeasures in simple words. He also shared his secret investment skills, bringing us a rich spiritual feast. He stressed that investment in 2017 wasn’t as difficult as we thought, as long as we knew the macroeconomic situation and made wise value judgments.


After learning the macroeconomic background, TTGG Managing Director and Silicon Financial Service Board Chairwoman Ms. ZHANG Yu gave a keynote speech on asset management and allocation under the title “Stand High to See Far, Put the World in Heart”. Based the data in “Global Wealth Report 2016”, Ms. ZHANG pointed out that Asia had the biggest wealthy population in the world in 2015. By analyzing the global wealth database of BCG, she concluded that during 2015-2020, the annual growth of Chinese high net worth individuals’ investable assets will be 15%; the number of high net worth families will keep growing fast; against such a background, wealth management will have a golden age. She pointed out wealth management is to look for professional asset management institutions’ products on the basis of understanding our clients’ needs, help our investors find the optimal asset allocation solutions by creating reasonable portfolios, so as to help them maintain, increase and pass on the value of their assets. She pointed out that when our government regulation in this industry becomes increasingly standard, excellent PE investment institutions are getting bigger development space. At the end of 2014, TTGG and its holding parent company GGTT (833044) built an Internet financial platform—Hangzhou TTGG Internet Financial Service Co., Ltd. After two years of exploration, it now has built a safe and firm support system, as well as considerate platform functions. We want to use the Internet to provide our company’s high net worth investors with diverse asset allocation and professional investment advisory services, build a first-rate wealth management platform by the standards of butler service, to make our investors’ wealth management more convenient and considerate.


TTGG’s growth is inseparable from our investors’ company all the way. The warmest part of the party was the award ceremony for the “Long-Term Companion Prize” presented to three investors who have subscribed for financial products in our company for a long time. Every heavy trophy contains our company’s heart-felt gratitude and sincere good wishes to the investors’ perseverant company over the years. Every prize winner has some stories unknown to others. In the following round table salon, our company’s Fund Product Management Department General Manager and Silicon Financial Service’s General Manager YUAN Weilin exchanged ideas and inspirations with two investors. Ms. YUAN said as an Investment Advisor, she felt grateful to the trust, understanding and support given to our company and our Investment Advisors by our investors. She hoped in the future she could provide investors with global asset allocation services with a more specialized, professional and dedicated attitude.


Night fell. Lights were lit. TTGG Thank-You Dinner Party began with Mr. HE’s toast. Every Investment Advisor accompanied their own investors and had close communication with them. At this unforgettable moment, everyone toasted, sharing their ideas, reviewing the past and looking into the future. When the dinner party got more and more enjoyable, the exciting lottery draw pushed the atmosphere to its climax. 34 investors won the Luxury Tour of Greece, “Angel’s Tear” pearl necklace and other awards. Our company’s senior management members presented the awards to the winners.  


When the hall echoed with happy laughter, TTGG Thank-You Party for VIP Clients ended with a toast. In the New Year, TTGG will keep its original aspiration in mind and advance bravely, use its professional abilities to act as a responsible active strategic shareholder, share value increments in the process of discovering, following, supporting, assisting outstanding entrepreneurs, and helping the real economy create, change and enhance value; TTGG will repay its fund investors with remarkable investment performance, make enhancing asset value its mission, creating a century-old brand its goal, so as to become the most respected and trusted wealth management institution in China’s asset management industry! 

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