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TTGG Closed-Door Parking Industry Workshop Held Successfully

Date: 2017-01-09
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In recent years, with the popularization of automobiles, like the “housing problem”, the “parking problem” also has become a common problem to all cities, a pain spot to the government. According to data released by the National Development and Reform Commission, by the end of 2015, the absolute gap was at least 50 million parking spaces in China. Our government also has introduced many policies in succession to support the parking industry’s development. A huge gap must give birth to a huge demand. How big is the parking market? Where are the investment opportunities in the parking industry? What’s the logic of parking lot operation and management?  TTGG Closed-Door Parking Industry Workshop Held SuccessfullyTTGG Closed-Door Parking Industry Workshop Held SuccessfullyTTGG Closed-Door Parking Industry Workshop Held Successfully 

To unveil the parking industry’s mysteries, on the afternoon of Jan. 7, 2017, a TTGG Closed-Door Parking Industry Workshop under the theme “A Trillion Blue Ocean, Let’s Dance in the Wind Gap” was successfully held at Xixi Wetland in Hangzhou. More than 80 people, including senior experts and representatives from the parking industry, as well as representatives from banks, brokerages, equity investment institutions and other financial institutions, gathered for the workshop, to discuss the parking industry’s investment opportunities.   


This workshop was sponsored by TTGG Real Estate Fund Management Co., Ltd. TTGG Group’s Managing Director and the Real Estate Fund Management Company’s Board Chairman ZHOU Xiaole gave a welcoming speech on behalf of TTGG. He said, as an investor representative, TTGG hoped through this workshop it could build a platform for the parking industry’s upstream and downstream enterprises to connect to the market and capital, explore investment chances together and realize win-win cooperation between the industry and finance.  


Big Data Operation of Intelligent Parking, Formation of an O2O Parking Ecosphere  


In the keynote speech corner, Board Chairman Mr. ZHOU Linjian from Hangzhou Reformer Holdings gave a speech titled “Big Data Operation of Intelligent Parking, Formation of an O2O Parking Ecosphere”. He shared his outlook on the trillion-worth parking market’s current situation and future, as well as the practical case of big data operation by Reformer Holdings’ “parking24” platform, and set forth his vision of “co-creation, sharing, win-win cooperation”.  


Intelligent Parking, Changes to a Trillion-Worth Market


LEI Ming, a Parking Industry Senior Researcher from China Securities shared his study and judgment on the development of China’s parking industry from the perspective of a broker. He put forward the idea that the parking industry is “automobile real estate”, which contains a trillion-worth market; China’s huge car ownership and manufacturing keep creating dividends for the parking industry. From stereoscopic parking equipment, Internet parking and parking lot operation, he deeply analyzed the parking industry’s investment opportunities.


Practical Cases of Singaporean Intelligent Parking and Prospects for the Chinese Market’s Development


The last keynote speaker was JIANG Chen, Director of the Public Utilities Department of NCS Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore Telecommunications Limited. He first introduced the intelligent parking construction cases of two cities, Chengdu and Rui’an. Based on Singapore’s experience in smart city construction, he shared his advice and ideas on how to cooperate with the government for win-win results.


The three guests’ speeches were brilliant, with different high lights. They analyzed from the industry, market, investment opportunities and practical cases, presented a trillion-worth market and infinite business opportunities in the parking industry to all participants, and won rounds of applause.


Topic One of the Round Table Discussion: Pain Spot! Wind Gap? Where Are the Investment Opportunities in the Parking Industry?


The workshop’s second part began. As the Round Table Discussion’s Emcee, Mr. XU Hangke, General Manager of the Real Estate Fund Management Co., Ltd. had deeper exchanges on the industry’s hot spots and future trends with the guests. From the perspective of Internet parking, ETCP Board Chairman ZHANG Junzhen pointed out that Internet parking will grow into an oligopoly. JSTI Group’s Senior Investment Manager LIU Xingmin pointed out parking lot PPP construction is the current mainstream pattern, but there are many difficulties in practical operation. Hangzhou Fuxing Construction Group’s General Manager BIAN Jian pointed out the parking industry will have huge opportunities in the future, but now it suffers a low return on investment and a long pay back period. Hangzhou Wenxin Intelligent Garage’s General Manager ZHENG Zhizhong pointed out the key to the development of China’s parking industry is the reform of parking supply; “model innovation” and “technology innovation” are necessary. In spite of the pain spots and difficulties in the industry, all the guests agreed the parking industry contains huge investment opportunities; the key is how to integrate the industry with finance, realize model and technology innovation, and make the parking industry really stand in the wind gap.


Topic Two of the Round Table Discussion: Led by Capital, Win-Win Cooperation


Soon afterwards, the second Round Table Discussion began. Mr. SONG Weinong, former President of the Anhui Branch of China Development Bank and Anhui Provincial Government’s current Advisor, put forward the principles for solving parking difficulties, namely “planning, management, model, capital”. Mr. SONG thought the government should strengthen planning, abandon the extensive management pattern, actively and effectively guide the industry. He also suggested the parking industry’s construction need multiple measures, as well as the government and market’s joint participation. From the perspective of capital, he said the parking industry should cooperate with development-oriented policy-based financial institutions, use medium and long-term capital to solve its problems like big investment, long pay back period and low return on investment. WANG Zhengrong, General Manager of Ningbo Naisen Property Management Co., Ltd., and ZHOU Fei, Project Director of Hangzhou Anhe Parking Management Co., Ltd., respectively shared their experience in property management and parking lot operation. The strategic perception “Led by Capital, Win-Win Cooperation” that the parking industry needs the government’s policy guidance, as well as financial institutions’ participation, was formed.


At past, the guests answered some questions that all participants cared about. The meeting ended, though the two sides were reluctant to end their discussion. All participants said the meeting was more fruitful than they expected.


TTGG hopes through this closed-door workshop, we can give full play to our company’s advantages in professionalism, capital and resources, build a long-term interactive liaison mechanism on the basis of building a win-win parking industry investment platform for institutional investors and the industry, to develop parking industry investment together. 

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