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Discussing Development Opportunities in Culture and Entertainment Industry – GGTT’s Closed-Door Meet

Date: 2017-08-10
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Closed-door meeting on investment to culture and entertainment industry of GGTT, parent holding company of TTGG, was convened on August 8th, themed on “new opportunities of China culture and entrainment industry investment under capital boom”. Representatives of excellent enterprises and investment organizations from various sectors of culture and entrainment industry, including Tianhe Culture Fund Management, Sichuan Xinhua Publishing Group, Hualu Group, Lanxum, Changjiang Culture, Jiang Toon Media, Guangyizhen Investment, Guangzhou Interactive Media, Hangzhou Huanwen, Boyichuangwei, Manyu Culture and BOCI, was invited to gather together and discuss development trend of the industry and explore cooperation opportunities.

Discussing Development Opportunities in Culture and Entertainment Industry – GGTT’s Closed-Door Meet

The president of Heaven-Sent Capital Management Group Mr. BAO Yue said during the opening speech that, having been following closely the development of culture and entertainment industry for many year, GGTT will explore more development space in the field with the building of professional teams so as to offer capital and resources support to enterprises having growth potential and assist the transformation and upgrading of culture and entertainment industry by financial capital.

As a start, by analyzing policies, data, culture and hot phenomena and other aspects of culture and entertainment industry development, representative of Investment Management Division of GGTT reviewed the development history of China culture and entertainment industry in recent years and started the topic of exploring new investment opportunities in the industry. They holds that as the transformation and upgrading of culture and entertainment industry is inevitable and each sectors of the industry has its own characteristics, the professional capacities of various capitals are keys to seize the new development opportunities of the industry under new regulatory policies.

The president of Beijing Boyichuangwei Digital Media Co., Ltd. SONG Hailong analyzed the internal factors for rapid growth of culture and entertainment industry in recent years in aspects of background of the industry and consumption pattern. He holds that enterprise of culture and entertainment industry should highlight cross-industry integrative development and create high-quality cultural products in the future.

The deputy general manager of Qianhai Tianhe Culture Fund Management Co., Ltd. ZHANG Ruiyi introduced the significant sectors of the industry in fund investment process. She said that Tianhe Culture Fund will focus on R&D, production, interaction and spin-off companies of film and TV content intellectual properties in current film and TV investment; the animation industry is expanding as it has entered the Internet age from paper media age; in digital marketing industry, companies with upstream and downstream resources like flow entrance or advertisers enjoy greater growth potential. Ms. ZHANG also dissected the investment chances in big data and artificial intelligence, personal media and short video, education and other industries.

The general manager of Hualu Entertainment Company CHEN Ding mainly showed his opinions on game industry, saying that the game industry has great investment value due to its features of fast market growth, strong income harvest capacity and great development potential; when screening the enterprises of game industries, restrictions from relevant policies as represented by juvenile protection shall be particularly taken into account and life cycles of games and operation teams should be inspected; he also gave key tips for room card pattern of chess and card games and overseas game investment.

CEO of Beijing Guangyizhen Investment and Management Co., Ltd. ZHU Xiaohang analyzed the investment to film and TV projects from the perspective of capital. He holds that there are great investment opportunities in film and TV projects due to its uniqueness. He suggested selecting senior teams and company with unique resources, conducting diversified investment, giving preference to projects having deep cooperation with downstream channels and small-and-medium cost projects and developing various rights and interests by comprehensive use of productions. Mr. ZHU also presented his ideas in project evaluation system and Chinese supervision.

Manager of the Board of Directors’ Office of Sichuan Xinhua Publishing Group Co., Ltd. CHEN Xiaohai, as the representative of the large state-owned cultural group, presented their ideas of development to the attendees. He holds that although traditional state-owned cultural enterprises have the advantage in resources pooling, they also have weakness in the process of transformation and upgrading and integrated innovation. He hopes professional investors may cooperate, giving full play to their advantages. When it comes to the future development, Mr. CHEN said that Sichuan Xinhua Publishing Group will highlight the content and platform to become a leading whole-chain integrated service provider in education industry in Sichuan with the support of excellent team and operation capacity.

The president of Hangzhou Huanwen Technology Co., Ltd. HE Tao mainly shared the new trends and ideas of intellectual property operation. He explained that in the upstream of IP, the user rate and paid reading rate of literature platforms are greatly impacted by the growth of personal medias as the platforms have weak controls of authors; while in the downstream, the small-and-medium upcoming film and TV companies owning quality IPs and actors deserve our attention and original release methods in game industry should also be taken into account.

The general manager of Manyu Culture Communications Co., Ltd. YANG Yan, as the representative transformation winner in the content industry, explained comic and novel field from different angles. He thinks that the content field has been developing and changing from platform to audiences and from form to reading experiences, yet the only thing that remains the same is its wonderful stories, typical characters, novel imagination and spirit of the age. He said that the future pattern of content sources + pan-entertainment and the overall innovation of novel and comic field are promising.

The president of Wuhan Jiang Toon Animation Media Co., Ltd. ZHU Youlan, the “veteran” in animation industry, holds that the original content is the source of the whole industry and hopes that practitioners can stick to social responsibilities and create excellent cultural products while developing the industry.

The Secretary of Board of Directors of Beijing Changjiang Culture Co., Ltd. GUO Weidong introduced the investment pattern of film and TV play, saying that Changjiang Culture wishes it can strengthen the safety of investment by integrating quality content owners based on its advantage in teleplay distribution channels so as to realize stable development by increase of investment scale.

QIAO Kun, the deputy general manger of Beijing Lanxum Technology Co., Ltd., presented the successful practice of Lanxum’s transformation to educational and information security sci-tech group and analyzed the investment opportunities among them.

After listening to the heated discussion of the attendees, the managing director of Heaven-Sent Capital Management Group HAN Huiyuan made a concluding statement, saying that in the development of culture and entertainment industry, there are differences between traditional and new culture, traditional culture & entertainment and financial capital, and in-system and outside-system culture, and also a lot of possible clash; new format means new opportunities and huge space, so as a professional investment institution, GGTT hopes to create a platform to achieve resource grafting, continue to enhance the understanding of the industry and achieve effective allocation of resources within the industry with professional capacity and capital strength.

Another managing director of Heaven-Sent Capital Management Group LIU Zengwei acknowledged the attendees and hopes they will promote intensive cooperation through multiform communications to push the development of the industry.

Currently, with the growing acceleration of transformation and development in each industry, GGTT has been insisted on highlight the industry to create professional and diversified investment team and it is GGTT’s wish that it can take the communication activities represented by this closed-door meeting as chances to facilitate the exchange and collision of industry and finance in each sector and help partners to change, upgrade and create values with its own capacities.

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