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Private Session on Ways to Realize Big Data and AI Successfully Held by TTGG

Date: 2017-08-01
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On the afternoon of July 29th, Private Session on Ways to Realize Big Data and AI (artificial intelligence) held by TTGG in No.8 Convention Hall of Fu Causeway, Xixi National Wetland Park gained a complete success. This session was hosted by TTGG Financial Research Institute and presided over by GUO Feng, our company’s managing partner & President of TTGG Financial Research Institute, with over 100 attendees.

Private Session on Ways to Realize Big Data and AI Successfully Held by TTGG SHEN Wenjing, Head of Division of Technology Innovation, Ministry of Science and Technology, LIU Peng, Vice President of China Big Data Technology and Application Alliance, XIA Mingzhen, CA of Big Data Department of Huawei Central Software Institute as well as other authorities and experts in the field were invited to the session. They, along with chief executives from well-known enterprises such as CertusNet, Tongding Optic-Electronic, Aliyun, Zhizhenzhineng, Hundsun, Dahua Technology, Century, Ecovacs, Today's Headlines gathered there to share their views and ideas on ways to realize big data and AI. 

Our President HE Xiangdong said in his opening speech that TTGG was not only one of the earliest batch of private equity investment agencies established in China, but also one of the earliest investment agencies getting involved in the field of big data. Adhering to the focused and professional investment philosophy, our company focuses on creating core competitiveness of various business teams in different subdivisions to provide enterprises to be invested with more industrial resources and value-added services through introducing industry partner model and making accurate predictions on future development trends, risks and profits of major industries. At present, our company has owned 2-3 teams specializing in big data, including both professional study and relevant business connection. They have made attempts on PE listing, industrial M & A, overseas layout and so on. It is our hope to gather all powers in the industry to jointly push forward the integration of industry and finance and value realization in the section of big data and AI so as to create a mutually complementary and resource sharing industrial investment and financing platform.


SHEN Wenjing, Head of Division of Technology Innovation, Ministry of Science and Technology launched a keynote speech named Practice and Exploration on National Fund for Technology Transfer and Commercialization, where he pointed out that in the current big data and AI era, the country has significantly raised its attention to science and technology innovation. Whereas, as the industrial supporter and guider, the government would gradually transfer its images and responsibilities and duties by gradually shifting its focus on inclusive tax policies and technology transfer fund instead of direct subsidies to guide the growth of high-tech enterprises. Oriented to the capital market, it is a way out for future scientific and technological enterprises to thrive by making equity financing.


XU Zhaoyuan, TTGG’s partner in AI industry, also delivered a speech - The Path and Focus of AI Economy, in which he made a simple but profound interpretation on industrial development stages and industry evolution rules from an investment prospective. President XU considered that AI would wield certain influence over all walks of life in the future and China would be the globally largest market for its application. In addition, the investment in AI has also gradually penetrated into the subdivisions of health care, cross-industry application, financial sci-tech & insurance as well as big consumption. No doubt that its commercialized use would soon be carried out. Presently, the algorithm, underlying resources as well as talents relating to AI are still under rapid development from start-up to maturity and for sure, it, in the near future, will be able to settle something difficult in people’s daily life and improve people’s life quality.

Two thematic forums focusing on the industry chain were one of the highlights of this session. At the thematic forum on opportunities for data’s basic resource industry, LIU Peng, Vice President of CIIA Big Data Association and President of Nanjing Research Institute of Big Data shared with people his views - Big Data’s Market Outlook. He remarked that data, as source of AI, would play a more and more significant role in the future AI era and its value would also be increasingly excavated and exploited, with cloud computing as the core basis undertaking all of these. Despite the current limited market space and obvious talent gap, the outlook and future of data industry was bright. We were very honored to have managed to invite 5 authoritative experts to participate in the related salon, who each made a brilliant sharing from different subdivided industrial chains as participating industrial parties and representatives of leading enterprises (research institutes). Aliyun’s senior big data expert BAN Shu presented us with Aliyun’s, as the leader in public cloud, underlying layout of data; LI Xu, COO of CertusNet Inc., explained the development of new technology 5G and its vital help to AI’s development; LI Jun, Vice President of Byzoro Networks Ltd., made a profound interpretation to the significance and future of the network security during current rapid development process of big data; XU Junhai, Vice President of Zhizhenzhineng Network Technology Co., Ltd. illustrated his understandings to underlying resources from a new perspective, thinking that not only the entitative storage, communication and computing, but the semantic analysis as basic technology can be the underlying resources; at last, XIA Shu, President of The University of Auckland Innovation Institute China (UOAIIC) described to us his thoughts about introducing foreign technologies, opening up new avenues for present guests. After all real stuffs in the entire salon, audiences expressed their high remarks on it, saying that they have benefited a lot and also had new insights in development opportunities of underlying resources.

The way to AI’s realization remained a significant problem in the industrial circle. In the thematic forum on realization of AI application scenarios, XIA Mingzhen, CA of Big Data Department of Huawei Central Software Institute made an analysis from three aspects, which were respectively manual technique evolution and future direction, AI’s influence on industry layout and business mode as well as Huawei’s practices in realizing AI application scenarios. As the largest technology giant in China, Huawei presented a prudent and clear layout in AI field: go deep into video & image, natural language processing, big data and algorithm at the technical level and expand into safe city, finance, energy, traffic and smart city. The content shared by Mr. XIA combined his thoughts on both technology and industry, allowing present guests to gain much. The principals from five leading enterprises in subdivided industries including Dahua Technology, Century, Hundsun, Ecovacs, Today's Headlines made brilliant appearances in relevant salon. They have been trying to probe into the application of AI technologies in security, health care, finance, household and marketing and surely are the most powerful experts in realizing AI technologies. The guests agreed that AI’s application was the trend of future, but it also had its own shortages since data-based gains could only be realized on condition that it was accepted by users (who had the willing to pay) and all knots in current production were effectively untied to reduce cost (time cost). During the session, the host impromptu asked 5 enterprise senior managers to express their thoughts on other scenarios for AI’s realization. Such cross-industry exchanges left the scene in full swing. The guests made lively speeches and raised many innovative suggestions, opening up the door to some wholly new ideas. The audience spoke highly of this salon, saying that they had gained a lot from the session, with so much high lights unveiled.


Other people having been invited to the session also include more than ten brokers, securities researchers and analysts from Huatai, Haitong, CITIC, Pacific, China Securities, Caitong, SOOCHOW and Minsheng as well as outstanding enterprise representatives from H3C, Qihang and Seer Robotics, etc. TTGG also acquired the attendee’s unanimous recognition for its rich industrial resources and in-depth professional study on the industry. Heaven-Sent Capital Management Group Partner SHAO Wenhai gave full affirmation and high remarks to this activity and made his closing statement of this session.


In this big data and AI era where technology is rapidly iterating, there are much more chances for M&A in the industry. It is also more likely to give birth to great enterprises. TTGG hopes to take the opportunity of this session to dig into and focus on the data and AI fields, build a platform for the cooperation of partners in the industrial and capital circles and establish long-term and effective cooperation interactive mechanism, further promoting the integration of industry and finance; to give full play to our company’s professional, capital and resource advantages to assist upstream and downstream enterprises along the industry chain in creating, changing and increasing value. 

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