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TTGG Overall Decoration Private Conference Is Successfully Concluded

Date: 2017-03-13
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Nowadays, the slowdown of real estate industry brings the decoration industry to a dilemma of sluggish growth. In the 4 trillion-scale house decoration market, there is no 10 billion-scale company. Is there no investment opportunity in traditional decoration industry? Are the parties concerned still unable to grow bigger?

However, as we see, under the two prominent trends, house decoration tends to be business-led, changing previous fragmented structure of industry:

On one hand, overall decoration policy is vigorously formulated. To answer the national call for overall decoration, all places initiate policies to encourage overall decoration since 2015, clearly requiring not to sell rough houses in the urban areas. In January 2017, Zhejiang Province took a lead in the formulation of acceptance standard specifications. On the other hand, the post-80 and -90 generations become new consumption force. They change consumption ideas from individual purchase to overall decoration. In the eye of youth, outsourcing is major element, saving time and money.

Against the background, "Overall Decoration Private Conference" Was held in Hangzhou Xixi National Wetland Park. The unexpected heavy rain didn't dampen passion of 80 guests, including representatives from design institutes, material suppliers, parts suppliers, decoration companies, Internet house decoration companies and real estate developers, and securities companies, investment institutions and other financial institutions. They got together to discuss the opportunity of industry restructuring.

ZHOU Xiaole, General Manager of TTGG and Chairwoman of TTGG Real Estate Fund Management Company, delivered a welcome speech on behalf of TTGG in this conference hosted by TTGG Real Estate Fund Management Company. Ms. ZHOU said that TTGG, representing the investors, wanted to build a cooperative platform for upstream and downstream companies of decoration industry through this event, and made progress together before new industry opportunities, so as to achieve a win-win result.

In the subject speech link, Mr. HU Chen, an editor of Zhejiang Code for Quality Acceptance of Overall Residential Interior Decoration, shared "policy interpretation and outlook of overall residential decoration" with the participants, and interpreted concept, standard, policy history, and key points of overall decoration in an all-round way. He said that from the perspective of energy conservation, environment protection, safety and livability, overall decoration turns out to be a national strategy and imperative, which will be sped up implementation in 2017. This will bring opportunity and challenge for the whole industry chain. However, the implementation requires the joint effort of government and parties in the industry chain.

After wonderful policy interpretation, LIAO Weihua, Deputy General Manager of COSMOS Group, representing the developers, shared "development of COSMOS Group under overall decoration policy". With reference to development history of the company, Mr. LIAO pointed out that developers should promise full technical reserve and outstanding resource integration ability as the first principal of decoration under overall decoration policy. Access to massive health, pension and value-added services will enable small and medium-sized developers to improve competition of companies and products.

From the perspective of decoration companies, CHEN Jun, Chairman of Gold Mantis Refined Decoration Science and Technology described the meaning of overall decoration at developer- and owner-level, and detailed how to implement overall decoration following the steps of business cooperation, market services, design services, promotion services, construction, and maintenance services with the guests.

YANG Lei, CMO of Seagull Kitchen and Bath, believed that decoration industry would be restructured as national industry policies and industry standards improved. Take unit bathroom as an example. Mr. YANG explained how "integrated product + integrated service" lift industry efficiency.

In the end, JIANG Weihong, the founder of Ehomy, said that standardized hardware decoration + personalized soft decoration would settle disputes between overall decoration policy and personalized demands of customers. The soft decoration as a way to keep customers personalized will usher in boom. Ms. JIANG shared Ehomy's portrait of the crowd and customer positioning mode, as well as supply chain management, delivery control system, allowing the participants to learn a lot from her experience.

In the round-table conference link, XU Hangke, General Manager of TTGG Real Estate Fund Management Company, talked with the guests about the actions of companies under industry transformation.

YAN Chuanzan, CEO of Goujia said that personalized functional demand of customers may not be higher than anticipated, and industrial design and production thoughts were applicable for house decoration, allowing house decoration products to be more refined and standardized. His "house decoration 4S store" amazes people.

ZHANG Xian, Vice CEO of Red Star Macalline Group Corporation Ltd. considered that traditional home furniture malls which are represented by Red Star Macalline provided a complete set of solutions for small and medium-sized developers in 2B market by use of superiority in product supply integration. Being a strategy of second developers, this is the way of breakthrough under new industry pattern, inspiring the participants.

LI Yu, Investment Director of Zhejiang Meida said that overall decoration policies created new market opportunities for parts suppliers featuring the client. Those companies like Zhejiang Meida which supplies intensive products will tend to be preferred partners of developers. In the same time, Investment Director LI believed that all sides may have close cooperation by capital strength.

YU Zhenwei, Design General Manager of Zhejiang Lianjian proposed the concept of design digitization. He said that design agencies should use big data to understand markets and customer demand, optimize design schemes, and be determined to do well in every detail. In the same time, he delivered a platform strategy of design agency which means all sides concerned are connected by data.

Though from subdivided sectors in industry chain, the participants reached an agreement that against the background of industry policy and change in consumption habits, industry was subject to a large opportunity of integration, grew bigger, and was connected with industry chain and investors, achieving a win-win result.

In the last interactive link, the guests answered many hot issues of the participants. The conference came to a successful conclusion amid heated exchange. The participants fully affirmed this event, and learnt a lot.

With focus on industry, TTGG Real Estate Fund Team wants to take this private conference as an opportunity. As such, it provides a platform for industry and financial partners to cooperate and share with each other, establish the long-term effective interactive cooperative mechanism, and take full use of TTGG advantages of specialty, capital and resources to help upstream and downstream companies create, change and improve value. 

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