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[Partner] Millward Brown published data sets strategic technology enables organizations to accelera

Date: 2019-11-15
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Note: Millward Department of Science and Technology Paradise Valley Paradise Valley Holdings, the parent company invested enterprises

Shanghai Municipal Commission by letter, Xuhui District government leaders to come related to the summit and witnessed the 'national platform for a new generation of artificial intelligence Open Innovation - Technology Marketing Millward Brown Smart Platform' held landing ceremony.

November 15, organized by Millward Brown Technology Group to 'FASTER fusion-new impetus to growth' as the theme of the 2019 summit in Shanghai data intelligence, declared that 'the era to create intelligent enterprises in Taiwan,' the new strategy with the introduction of two new products. ' a new generation of data in the table 'and' marketing intelligence platform ', as well as three industry solutions, are' intelligent operation and maintenance solutions, '' ubiquitous platform-aware intelligence, '' wisdom of the whole retail business channels + data solutions in Taiwan . ' To 'data sets strategy' based on science and technology while Millward Brown announced a strategic cooperation with third-party advisory body, build eco-system, working together to help companies release data value faster in a rapidly changing market environment, to achieve full digital link and accelerate the intelligent innovation.

'Digital transformation is not only a new burst of vitality of enterprises in the new round of technological wave of the engine, it is business for the future strategic layout.' Millward Brown Technology Group Founder, Chairman and CEO Wu Minghui published 'a new generation of artificial intelligence at the meeting , polymerization wisdom, human counterparts, 'keynote speech, he said, change any business, requires high-level consensus organic level employees collaborate in order to carry out the sound. Digital transformation of enterprises should always think from enterprise management, business objectives and synergy levels of the organization.

The summit attracted a field of public services, industry, finance, marketing, retail, nearly 500 representatives, business executives, think tank experts, academic leaders compete to deliver on the digital transformation of enterprise wonderful view of the future. Shanghai Municipal Commission by letter, Xuhui District government leaders to come related to the summit and witnessed the 'national platform for a new generation of artificial intelligence Open Innovation - Technology Marketing Millward Brown Smart Platform' held landing ceremony. P & G Greater China Chief Information Officer Ms. Lin, vice president of Tencent cloud, big data artificial intelligence, Mr. Wang Long, general manager, also attended the summit and delivered the keynote address.

Truly next-generation data industry Know-How in Taiwan

The biggest highlight of the summit is Millward Brown released a new generation of scientific and technological data truly industry Know-How in Taiwan products. Is different from similar products on the market, Millward Brown data sets based on knowledge of science and technology in the industry Know-How map carrier, the 'data collaboration, sharing, consensus' as the salient features in order to 'build enterprise customers for the industry wisdom brain 'as the ultimate goal. The launch of the next-generation data table highlights its strengths and core competencies of technology where the output: end to end planning and construction experience, customer-centric data station construction business and middle path, data lifecycle services capabilities, and data security and data privacy protection technology system.

Millward Brown believes science and technology, enterprise-wide technology through a variety of AI link, multi-dimensional data to get through, so to get through intelligent perception and cognition, ultimately forming a complete closed-loop intelligent applications. The data in the data table to achieve asset management, will have a lot to share and reuse, this process not only reflects the value of the data and services and, more importantly, to contribute precipitation can be accumulated heritage of industry knowledge, through knowledge map knowledge and technology, which is commonly referred to as 'the industry Know-How' will be the full integration of the data, the final form of cognitive intelligence industry brain.

Millward Brown Marketing Intelligence Platform Technology: allows marketers to become the best digital transformation of enterprise entrance

In August, the Ministry of Science and technology has become recognized by Millward Brown marketing a new generation of artificial intelligence, national intelligence platform for open innovation, science and technology Millward Brown Millward Brown, chief scientist and president of Academy of Sciences, head of marketing intelligence platform for national Wuxin Dong said: 'Marketing Intelligence is clear a comprehensive capacity slightly technology Group artificial intelligence technology and business management experience embodied, data management, the combination of a thousand faces and thousands of intelligent reasoning, opened the perception and cognitive intelligence to achieve a closed-loop action.

Because marketing business scenarios can be highly standardized, Millward science and technology-based services world-renowned business intelligence technology and marketing experience, create Millward technology marketing intelligence platform (Mining lamp Marketing Intelligence Platform). The current consumer behavior has a comprehensive digital marketing has become the best entrance enterprise digital transformation, Millward technology for enterprises to establish consumer-focused rapid response system to support internal marketing experience can be replicated and the product of inheritance and provide comprehensive measurement and prediction intelligent application of marketing effectiveness. The platform of the closed-loop marketing covering the whole scene of growth, significantly enhance the consumer experience of the life cycle.

Three powerful combination of industry solutions at strategic layout build Consulting

On the basis of the results of attention on the practice floor, Millward Brown has released three major science and technology industry solutions: Millward operation and maintenance of intelligent technology solutions, ubiquitous perception solutions Millward wisdom retail sales data + channel business desk solution. Up to now, Millward technology has as Procter & Gamble, Huawei and other global brands, multi-provincial public security authorities, tax authorities, government departments, China Construction Bank, Bank of Communications, China in the car, Shanghai Metro and other customers with the industry benchmark data sets construction services.

On the summit, Millward technology but also with Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, Chinese Academy of ICT, Kotler Consulting, Rui Si Rui Billiton renowned consultancy co-hosted the launch of the strategic layout, committed to accelerating the digitization process of the enterprise. Millward technology and highly recognized partners to each other in the ability of enterprise-class services, the future will be digitized and common roots in the field of intelligent enterprise transformation, to help customers succeed, promote organizational change and staff development, promoting progress.

According to Tuoming slightly Academy of Sciences to build research integration of the road

Millward technology since its inception, is committed to exploring new generation of artificial intelligence in the high complexity and knowledge management industry in the floor, get through perception and cognition intelligent, multi-modal through artificial intelligence and big data technology to connect people, machines, the wisdom of the organization. A new generation of data published on the summit in Taiwan and marketing intelligence platform for the two products, it is Millward Brown 'HAO smart' reflects the theory of landing Academy of Sciences. Cognitive knowledge map is a smart core technology, and Summit issued the 'three industry solutions' is also 'HAO smart' relying on large data, networking, artificial intelligence and other advanced technology, precipitated mature industry solutions to help reduce each industry and intelligent digital transition threshold.

In the 'digital transformation of combat with the latest observation' special share held in the afternoon in, from the national network of Hunan Electric Power Research Institute Things Applied Technology Center, China Renmin University, experts Bestseller Fashion wisdom retail, scholars and people in charge of co intelligent data words help enterprises enhance the value of the real economy; and in the 'digital transition counseling' special, a Millward Technology invited Roland Berger strategy Consultants, Chinese Academy of ICT, Kotler consulting, Rui Si Rui Rio experts to discuss how companies Quick to realize the digital transformation of the use of next-generation technology.

March 2019, Millward Brown Technology Group announced the brand strategy to upgrade and complete the D round of financing, the integration of the Group's products and technology research and development, is committed to a new generation of artificial intelligence techniques landing in multiple vertical industries, in August, the country elected a new generation of artificial intelligence open innovation platform. In six months time, Millward Brown Technology ushered in the strategic re-released, its rapid development from industry-leading next-generation artificial intelligence technology, massive multi-source heterogeneous data integration advantages of convergence, service capabilities and in-depth industry business.

2019 is the first year of data in the table, next, next-generation technology will Millward data sets throughout the building more business scenarios, so data services to business decisions, to achieve the conversion of data into intelligence, a new era of opportunities for intelligent mining, final achieve a better future for human counterparts.

 (Reprinted from: The krypton share micro-channel public number)


April 2014, Millward Brown data established;

July 2015, Millward Brown data completed nearly 100 million yuan A round of financing, led by the Paradise Valley investment;

August 2016, Millward Brown data completed B round of financing of 200 million yuan invested by the Paradise Valley and Sequoia Capital, etc.;

April 2018, Millward Brown published data was completed last year, one billion yuan C round of financing, the current round of investors as Tencent Collaboration Fund.

March 2019, Millward Brown data announced the completion of D round of financing, financing amount of 2 billion yuan, and officially upgrade the brand, 'Millward Brown Technology Group' by Tencent lead investor, Extension of the capital, Huaxing New Economics Foundation and the China Aviation Trust with the cast.

Since 2015, investment in science and technology to Millward Brown, Paradise Valley Paradise Valley Holdings, the parent company uphold the 'responsible strategic shareholder' concept, and actively play their own resources and expertise in the integration of big data and artificial intelligence to help companies accelerate business layout territory. The next little technology has emerged in the industry, by virtue of its excellent performance in the field of big data professional, gains China has a large data leading enterprise award, data analytics platform Best Solution Award and other honors. Millward impressive performance in science and technology industry, large data also confirms Paradise Valley investment logic and forward-looking in big data and artificial intelligence, as well as in specialized investment research team to create value judgment, the ability to change the value.

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