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[Partner] China (Yangxin) Carbon New Material Conference & Technology Jingyang fifth anniversary ce

Date: 2019-10-21
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Note: Jing Yang Technology Department invested enterprises Paradise Valley

October 16, China (Yangxin) Carbon New Material Conference & Technology Jingyang 5th anniversary celebration held in Binzhou.

Mr. Party Secretary She Chunming Binzhou City, Binzhou City, Yangxin county party secretary Mr. Luan Xing Gang, Secretary-General of China Carbon Industry Association Mr. Sun Qing, Hunan University professor Mr. Liu Hongbo, Tianjin University professor Mr. Wang Chengyang and experts from home and abroad carbon industry , industry leaders, business leaders, employees, more than 400 people gathered to witness the rapid growth of science and technology and to explore Jingyang industrial development carbon new material.

Jingyang technology company chairman Wang Aiping

Shandong Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Wang Aiping leaders attended the event to pay tribute to the concern and support of friends Jingyang development of technology companies express my heartfelt thanks.

He said the past five years, Jingyang technology from scratch, company size, strength from weak to strong, steady improvement in product quality. 2018 by the China carbon industry association for the industry to conduct research, Jingyang technology company has become the largest needle coke production enterprises, product quality is superior to other domestic manufacturers of the quality of products. At present, the company and the domestic first-class manufacturer of graphite electrodes and lithium anode production companies have established a good relationship of cooperation, and successfully needle coke export products to Japan, Russia, India, Italy and other countries, becoming the first company to achieve pin like coke export enterprise, to break the domestic high-end long-term dependence on imported needle coke market situation contributed to the 'Jingyang force.'

Jingyang technology production of needle coke

Binzhou Municipal Committee, Municipal People's Congress Chairman She Chunming

Binzhou Municipal Committee, Municipal People's Congress Chairman She Chunming in his speech that the new materials industry is a strategic, leading industry, a breakthrough new material, often bred a new technology, the birth of a new model, or even a push technological revolution in the field of. In a certain sense, the new material is new momentum, reflecting the scientific and technological strength, reflecting the innovative force. The Forum gathered experts domestic carbon industry, the industry leaders, brought together the most right to speak of domestic carbon leading enterprises, to build an open industry collaboration for the development of new materials, win-win sharing platform.

China Carbon Industry Association Secretary-General Sun Qing

Secretary-General of China's carbon industry association Sun Qing congratulated the achievements made in Jingyang technology, while China's carbon industry to do the analysis. He said that a good raw material is the basic guarantee production of quality products, China's carbon industry raw material short board is very prominent, should attach great importance to the scientific attitude, perseverance, cooperation in upstream and downstream, breakthrough as soon as possible, in order to improve the quality of industry chain.

Victor, vice president of the Russian company EPM

Vice president of the Russian company EPM Victor stressed that in these five years, Jing Yang Technology has made considerable progress and surprising development, Jing Yang Technology produced coke quality oil-based needle has been fully and world-class Anglo-American Day manufacturers and comparable quality needle coke is very stable. He said the company EPM Technology with a needle coke Jingyang production of graphite electrode products in Russia some well-known large-scale steel mills have been well received and close friends. He hoped that future cooperation with Beijing Yang Technology will be more secure, more stable and more fruitful.

Yangxin county party secretary Luan Xing Gang

Yangxin county party secretary Luan Xing Gang said Beijing Yang Yang technology is the letter carefully nurtured proud of the development of the highlights is the Yangxin future, after the rise of real hair miniature. Will always unswervingly adhere to the new development concept, firmly out of the 'industrial county' 'ecological county' is a road, give prominence to new energy and new materials industries, give the county the development of circular economy. Jing Yang Technology has won the city's 'hidden champions' 'Gazelle Enterprise', 'unicorn cultivating enterprise', a national needle coke industry standard-setting unit, retaining its position as the country's top quality products, world-class level.

Time flies, time flies, Jingyang technology has gone through five years of ups and downs, from scratch, from small to large and from weak to strong, Jing Yang technology the past five years has made remarkable achievements. In the future, Jingyang company will continue to uphold the 'innovation, integrity, love and dedication' spirit of enterprise, not forgetting the beginning of the heart, remember our mission to supply-side reform and the old and new momentum change as an opportunity, and strive to Jingyang caused by a domestic technology companies most technologically advanced, most reliable product quality needle coke production enterprises, to revitalize national industry and economic and social development and make greater contribution!

 (Reprinted from: Jing Yang Technology official micro-channel public number)

Partners: Paradise Valley in April 2018 Investment Technology Co., Ltd. Shandong Jingyang by PE fund strategies. The company is a core needle coke products, new energy technology-driven companies in the field of domestic high-end needle coke, both in the device level, product specifications, or in terms of production capacity and scale are an industry leader. With the constant improvement and expansion of production line layout, its technical indicators is expected to surpass the world's highest quality product standards, to achieve a comprehensive import substitution.

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