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[Partner] Italian and Japanese food and beverage giant sharp ZENSHO cooperation over 3,000 stores S

Date: 2019-10-17
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Note: Beijing intended sharp new Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing-based company sent Paradise Valley League interoperability Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the vote

Recently, the world's leading provider of mobile payment hardware and software solutions - meaning sharp (Inspire) and Japan's largest restaurant chain Group entered into a collaboration ZENSHO, ZENSHO's super 3000 Italian dining outlets comprehensive layout sharp developed 'buckle sweep' Mobile Payment solution, the two will work together to boost the development of Japan cashless society.

ZENSHO founded in 1982 in Yokohama, Japan, in order to 'eliminate hunger and poverty from the world' as the goal, is one of Japan's largest food and beverage companies. ZENSHO owns 'eat it's home' more than 30 food and beverage brands, with over 3,000 stores in Japan. The partnership will help Japanese territory ZENSHO all stores to enhance the efficiency of payments.

 (HAMA Sushi bars in, meaning sharp white box so that an average reduction of 12 seconds per transaction)

Japan's consumption tax rate increase, the surge in demand for cashless payments

Data showed that Japan's mobile penetration rate of less than two percent payment. For the development of the times, the Japanese government vigorously promote the 'cashless society', planned in the year 2027 the proportion of non-cash payments in Japanese society increased to 40%.

Since October 1, Japan will raise the consumption tax rate from 8-10%. To advocate for people to use non-cash payment, the Japanese government launched a 'no cash rebate' system: small-scale businesses, if a registered non-cash payment, the maximum you can get 5% points back offers. According to Japanese media reports, the implementation of the policy effect is remarkable: many convenience stores no 1 to 6 October increased 60% year on year the number of cash payments pieces.

In the absence of cash rebate policy-driven, people surge in demand for cashless payment, payment shop equipment upgrades become imminent.

Italy sharp 'snap sweep' payment scheme, so that each transaction shortened 12 seconds

As the world's leading mobile payment hardware and software solutions provider, meaning sharp plays an important role in leading the development of mobile payment in China. Its first self-service payment reader device (meaning sharp white box) in 2015 to develop a new generation of 'buckle sweep 'payment behavior. Lightweight, high-efficiency 'buckle sweep 'pay has become the most mainstream mobile payment China, the scale of hundreds of millions of transactions every day by the' buckle sweep 'pay to achieve.

It is reported that in the past the use of catering businesses are mostly paid in the form of cash or the user's home scan two-dimensional code, the transaction is time-consuming, inefficient transactions become pain points; and the introduction of Italian ZENSHO sharp white box 'label sweep' mobile payment solution, average each transaction settlement time will be shortened 12 seconds, greatly enhance the efficiency of payment. In addition, a sharp white box is intended not only to support the scan code to pay but also supports a variety of gift certificates, coupons, etc. to read write-off, ZENSHO helps businesses better marketing.

 (In their food home, meaning sharp white box support payment deduction sweep and gift certificates write off)

--INSPOS software service platform, so that the traditional cashier 'by the new'

Japanese payment industry veteran said the payment efficiency is important, but more important is that the Japanese market: payment security, cost-effective payment of an upgrade program, quality service. And this big demand, but also the meaning sharp competitive edge.

Italy has been sharp will pay for security as a top priority. Italy sharp white box not only is the first certified the safety of laboratory Tencent basaltic two-dimensional code payment products, but also China's first certified by the Bank Card Test Center of self-scan code collection terminal. In product iteration, meaning sharp escalating security chip and defense mechanism for the security and stability of the payment is guaranteed.

You know, in the mobile payments upgrade process, the transformation of the old cashier has been a major sore point, and this is a major problem facing the Japanese retail industry. And how to help businesses cost-effectively upgrade the cashier? As a leading mobile payment solutions provider, is intended not only to provide sharp hardware, the software also offers a variety of services. Around the 'user-centric' concept, meaning sharp lead and put the 'soft POS' program --INSPOS software platform, so that the traditional cash register without additional transformation, you can easily access mobile payments, quickly escalated into intelligent checkout ' reborn'.

It is reported that Italy sharp INSPOS software platform for different application scenarios, secure, fast, and accurate integration with the mainstream market cash register software, the traditional cash register quickly upgraded to support mobile payments; in addition, the combination of Internet + business development model, INSPOS business software platform can also provide electronic billing, offers a variety of innovative marketing and other business tools to help businesses effectively save operating costs, increase customer stickiness consumption, and thus make every business. Efficient, light-weight, cost-effective, INSPOS software platforms are more and more the great esteem of many businesses.

Overseas ground service capabilities powerful boost cashless society early arrival

As Japan's food and beverage giant, ZENSHO radiation a vast area affected by many businesses. In addition to mobile payment hardware and software products have considerations also need to be considered for overseas partners landing services, market localization strategy.

Italy sharp As an international company, in 2018 in Tokyo, Japan with subsidiaries, can be adapted to local conditions to develop localization strategy according to the Japanese market; In addition, the Italian subsidiary of Japan's Sharp to build a professional services team, with a strong ground service capabilities, to provide the most efficient, professional technical support and follow-up services for all businesses ZENSHO of.

Italy Rui, head of the Japanese subsidiary, said: 'This together with ZENSHO will bring consumers and businesses more efficient and convenient payment experience sharp intended future will continue to cooperate closely with the Japanese industry organizations, the Chinese advanced. mobile payment products and business models to Japan, to expand the 'button sweep' pay range, rich scene layout, improve the user payment experience for Japan cashless society to contribute to the early arrival. '

Spotted an escalating wave of global consumer and mobile payment behind in recent years, meaning sharp actively layout overseas mobile payment services, to expand its global influence. Currently, Italy sharp mobile payment hardware and software products and services have covered Europe, America, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, more than 20 countries and regions, promote the rapid escalation of local means of payment, give new impetus to the local payment environment, consumption patterns.

 (Reprinted from Beijing intended to create sharp new official micro-channel public number)

Partners: Paradise Valley in May 2018 Investment Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing faction UNITA exchange by PE funds, meaning Rui Beijing New Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary. UNITA faction exchange infrastructure provider of mobile payment, two-dimensional code as the core technology, combined with different scenes at different mobile line payment needs, provide a full end-to-channel two-dimensional code mobile payment solutions. 2018 get ants gold dress, Paradise Valley, Qingdao wisdom industry equity investment funds and other well-known institutions A round of investment. The company has been involved in the development of China's independent intellectual property rights dimensional code symbologies 'Han letter code', the first to explore the mobile two-dimensional code technology solutions in the world, and the first self-service payment reader device (meaning sharp white box) for many years occupied the domestic more than 60% market share, is the leader in self-service pay two-dimensional code field. The company is a mobile payment service at sea ant gold core strategic partners, but also micro-channel pay CUP business and the largest payment terminal suppliers.

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