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[Partner] long-Technology STI acquisition transaction is completed Shanghai material and equipment

Date: 2019-10-09
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Note: Long-Technology Department invested enterprises Paradise Valley

Recently, semiconductor equipment manufacturers long-Technology announced, by way of issue of shares to buy 90% of new investment in long-share transaction has been implemented in the card board Shenzhen Branch was accepted September 16 non-public offering of new shares of long-Technology registration application materials, these additional shares are listed on September 26.

December 2018, long-Technology announced the purchase of shares to be issued way National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund Limited (hereinafter referred to as the 'big Fund'), Ningbo Hui and Paradise Valley venture capital partnership (limited partnership) (hereinafter referred to as ' paradise Valley ') and Shanghai semiconductor equipment materials industry investment fund partnerships (limited partnership) (hereinafter referred to as the' Shanghai equipment materials Fund ') together hold a 90% stake grows new investment.

Changxin no real investment in its own business, its core asset is 100% owned by Singapore companies STI's. STI is a research and production to provide optical detection chip and wafer, sorting, packaging features integrated circuit testing equipment supplier Tape, etc., in terms of products, sales channels, R & D technology and long-Technology synergistic.

Underlying shares of this transaction will be included in the official register of shareholders arrival long-Technology, the large fund, Paradise Valley, Shanghai and equipment Materials Fund will each hold a long-Technology 1032.76 million shares. The long-Technology won the STI 90% stake in a large proportion of the fund's holdings increased, and has introduced an industry fund - Shanghai materials and equipment fund.

Shanghai materials and equipment fund was established in 2017, is jointly funded and set up by large funds, port management committee, Guosheng Group and other units, focusing on investment in materials and equipment around the integrated circuit industry. In early September revealed a large fund, fund two large investments in the field of integrated circuit layout focused on materials and equipment, as large investment fund focused on participation of 'focusing' industry funds, materials and equipment fund recently Shanghai has been very active.

In addition to the transaction just completed a long-Technology, September 6 large fund jointly with the Shanghai materials and equipment investment fund shares Fine Electronics subsidiary's focus on semiconductor test equipment. Fine electronic announcement that the big funds and other new shareholders to increase the capital of a wholly owned subsidiary Shanghai Fine Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd., in which large funds subscribed 100 million yuan, Shanghai materials and equipment fund subscribed 50 million yuan.

Then, September 17 purple Holdings announced that its controlling shareholder and the core technology violet purple tripod and Beijing Capital signed a share purchase agreement, the core Ding conditionally agreed to acquire technology violet 987 million shares, with a total consideration of HK $ 990 million . Shanghai materials and equipment fund holds a 28% stake in the core Ding as one of the persons acting in concert, to participate in the acquisition.

Shanghai materials and equipment investment fund to accelerate action in the field of equipment, or dynamic industry speculation that has been associated with two large funds and industrial development, and is expected to further promote the development of China-made equipment and materials.

Today, the number of domestic wafer production line have been put into the project, including project Wuxi Huahong (a) 12 inches production line, the Guangdong-core 12-inch wafer project, Xin-long self-storage memory chip manufacturing projects. There are research report pointed out that with China more important wafer production line put into operation or upcoming production, domestic wafer fab will come into intensive procurement of a new round of equipment.

 (Reprinted from: Tencent)

Partners: Paradise Valley in July 2011 as the first round of investment by PE fund investors a long-Technology, as its first 'Bole', helping the company successfully completed the R & D investment, break of key technical bottlenecks product, 2017 April 17 the company landed GEM.

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