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[Partner] Year Electronics won national gold investment blessing power Nanchang large electronic in

Date: 2019-08-30
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Note: Union Department of Electronics Paradise Valley invested enterprises

Recently, the joint creation Electronics (002036) announcement, the controlling shareholder of Golden Delicious International Ltd. and Nanchang Golden State Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. signed the 'Share Transfer Framework Agreement', 10% of the proposed total share capital of its listed companies held for sale Nanchang gold investment to the country. As of now, the joint creation of electronic total share capital of 715 million shares, the total market value of about 70 billion yuan, Golden Delicious International holds 8117.04 million shares, accounting for 11.35% of total equity. August 27, 2019 morning, the two sides signed a joint creation of electronic transfer of shares agreement.

Data show the actual control of Nanchang City People's Government for gold investment, not directly or indirectly hold joint creation of electronic stock before signing the agreement. According to Nanchang People's Government issued the 'Nanchang promote the province's' 2 + 6 + N 'leapfrog development of high-quality industrial action plan (2019-- about 2023)' shows that in planning the Nanchang Golden State Investment transferee of the Year At the same time electronic equity, Nanchang, there is a bigger and stronger leading enterprises rely on electronic information industry planning. It is reported that one of the electronic information industry in Jiangxi Province is to build two one trillion yuan industry, joint creation of electronic, Union Optical, optical crystal, Ophelia biometrics rapid development of leading enterprises.

'Action Plan (2019-- about 2023),' The Year of the promulgation date compared to the electronic transfer of shares as early as about two weeks. The document made it clear that, should continue to increase couplet Electronics (002,036) and other key parts support leading enterprises, the introduction of a number of industry 'specialized, sophisticated, unique, new' supporting enterprises and related supply chain companies, in accordance with its chain link product sales reward, and promote further extend the industry chain, accelerate the formation of industrial clusters. Meanwhile, the joint creation of electronic wholly owned subsidiary of the Jiangxi joint creation Electronics Co., the implementation of 'a new high-definition wide-angle lens and camera module project' is also included in the electronic information industry in Nanchang quality by leaps and bounds up to major projects.

As the scarcity of optical lens company, the joint creation of electronic optical technology not only has a solid foundation and excellent manufacturing capabilities, but also to adapt to mobile phones upscaling, plastic mixing glass lens become mainstream trend and expand the mobile phone camera market, the mainstream home and abroad lens suppliers of high-end customers.

It is understood that, in the field of optics, electronics joint creation of the world's leading all-glass technology, glass molding technology is currently in the country is also a leader. The core products have been imported Huawei cell phone camera Mate20 other high-end models; 3D laser collimating lens mobile phone brands in the domestic first-line use in mass production; bulk supply Tesla car has been shot, and have access to the Mobileye, NVIDIA certification and Valeo, etc. recognition of well-known manufacturers; a global campaign to continue to consolidate the leading position of the camera lens. Union participation in global electronic information industry Electronics division, from 2016 to 2018 for three consecutive years export revenues were 1.116 billion yuan, 2.206 billion yuan, 2.109 billion yuan, accounting for 37.55% over the same period the company total revenue, respectively, 43.65%, 43.92%.

Public information, the mobile intelligent terminal industry chain, Nanchang has gathered a joint creation of electronics, Ophelia light, Huaqin communications, Wingtech science and technology, the dragon flag technology, and many other well-known enterprises, form covers the touch screen, camera, fingerprint identification, glass cover , LCM relatively complete industrial layout display module, the touch chip, the RF chip, a sensor, a phone flash, headset, earphone, and the whole production, a 90% supporting parts can be manufactured locally, preferably gradually industrial ecology. Under the leadership of the Year Electronics and other leading companies, Nanchang in some high-tech fields, is changing from 'with the runners' to 'leader.'

Based couplet Electronics industry and its confidence in the future, Nanchang local standing on a higher starting point, from equity and industrial development were two areas couplet Electronics blessing. Related announcements, as the joint creation of electronic actual controller and concerted action, Hansheng Long, Chen Wei, Golden Delicious international investment Xinsheng self-Year Electronics hemp industry restructuring has not only failed to complete the company's stock holdings, and investment Xinsheng, Year Electronics executive team were overweight in 2018, the joint creation of electronic stock 793.886 million shares and 99.67 million shares. March 2019, the Year Electronics also decided to repurchase 527 million shares of stock Full Year Electronics for the implementation of equity incentive plan, the equity incentive plan has been won in April this year by the shareholders' meeting, set record electronic outreach program 2019, 2020 operating income compared to 2018 growth of not less than 25%, 45%.

 (Reprinted from: Securities Times)

Partners: Jiangxi joint creation Electronics Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the development, production and sales of smart phones, tablet computers, sports cameras, smart driving, smart home, VR / AR and other ancillary optical lens, camera module and touch display integration and other key optical, optoelectronic products, high-tech enterprises, key enterprises in Jiangxi Province and Nanchang electronic information key enterprises. In 2011, Paradise Valley based couplet Electronics optimistic about prospects for the development of the firm, its parent company 7 PE fund its joint investment, and how successful backdoor landing A-share capital market in 2015. Cooperation was established in 2016 with its acquisition of the fund industry, the acquisition of South Korea the United States and France think, realize extend the industrial chain, the company's layout and nurture new industry sectors and new growth points.

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