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[Partner] micro League Group with the capital of HK $ 1.157 billion, ahead of Tactics "SaaS + marke

Date: 2019-08-20
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Note: Micro One Group of companies invested in Paradise Valley

SaaS industry has never been one of short-term quick money lucrative industry, the initial need to invest a lot of money for product development and industrial layout.

Hong Kong stocks listed companies micro League Group (02013.HK) July 31 evening announcement, announced on July 30 to complete the 255 million share placement to raise funds HK $ 1.157 billion. After the completion of the Placing, what is the next target of a small micro League is?

Listed less than a year micro League Placing why fund-raising

Micro League Group (02013.HK) has been listed in January this year, the share price rose steadily. Three months the stock price doubled. Description IPO pricing is relatively reasonable, given investors a relatively low valuation.

Micro League Group listing to raise HK $ 758.3 million, but now the money is still 72.07% (or HK $ 546.5 million) of unused, this part of the money in the daily production and management is enough, if you press League Group CEO Sun Taoyong micro-planning the industry merger integration, is clearly not enough.

Move troops and horses forage first. In GPLP rhino Finance appears, SaaS industry has never been one of short-term quick money lucrative industry, the initial need to invest a lot of money for product development and industrial layout.

Micro League placing the fund-raising is mainly for this consideration. Sure enough, the micro League Group July 26 announcement, will start placing 255 million shares raised HK $ 1.157 billion. To raise funds to be used for strategic cooperation and seek potential investment and acquisition, and to integrate and support operations after the acquisition.

Soldiers rapidly, July 30 micro League Group completed the 255 million share placement to raise funds HK $ 1.157 billion, Tencent and GIC holdings of existing shareholders, namely its subsidiaries acquired Micro League Group shares through 2540, 7200 million shares.

In the current tight financial side, the successful completion of the Placing and fund-raising, thanks to Tencent and GIC holdings of existing shareholders. Micro League Group Board believes that shareholders holdings showed confidence in the future prospects of the company. Micro League Group after the Placing and the Subscription Completion of the total enlarged share capital, Tencent stake of about 7.98%, GIC stake of about 9.46%.

Because discount Placing, Micro One share price fluctuations. But GIC (Government of Singapore Investment Corp) as long-term investors optimistic about the long-term development of micro League Group, free from short-term fluctuations in the market.

The placement to raise HK $ 1.157 billion, the availability of plenty of ammunition. I believe the Union has been the subject of micro-merger integration of the library, along with ammunition in place, subsequent good news will all be disclosed.

Tencent holdings behind the continuous micro League entrusted with the task of

The holdings Tencent micro League Group holdings second time in three months. In April, Tencent micro League Group bought 9682 shares of its outstanding common shares through its subsidiary, THL H Limited.

Tencent micro alliance with side by side in the region, fighting together for the past four years the track on top of SMEs. Micro League since 2016 and Tencent to establish a close working relationship, providing one-stop service delivery precision marketing for advertisers, advertising agencies and Tencent become the fastest growing system of service providers, the two sides have become the help of regional enterprises digital marketing transformation intimate partner.

In June, Tencent advertising and micro League joined together to launch 'Teng League plan', Tencent advertising platform to traffic advantage and precision marketing competency-based, integrated micro League SaaS service capabilities as well as monitoring and compliance with the security features of the payment system in order to small micro-channel program as its core business to achieve all-round support for electricity providers to build private sphere flow and depth of operations, helping enterprises to seize the electricity supplier Direct 2.0 outlet.

Tencent advertising business has gone through a series of internal restructuring and integration of resources and determination to select the electricity supplier, region growing area of effect of enterprises, SMEs and regional regional brands, these different segments track. Micro One of the layout of all the track above all, at the same time in 2019 for cooperation and Tencent micro-Union, is also on to a new level.

In July, Tencent micro-advertising alliance with Tencent together to create the first authorization (Shanghai) regional marketing service center in micro-landing AU headquarters to Shanghai regional marketing service center as a stronghold, advertising and Tencent micro alliance will jointly provide professional marketing for regional businesses services to promote their business growth.


产业互联网进入“To B时间

Internet industry into the 'To B time'

Hand heavily HK $ 1.157 billion, slightly AU will do what potential investments and acquisition of it, in fact, Sun Taoyong long been intimate knowledge.

He believes that the Union must be micro-industry through mergers and acquisitions and investment in the fast layout enterprise services sales CRM, collaborative office, a number of areas of supply chain, human resources, financial and tax services, and other large data, China's version of Salesforce. In February, Micro One would be the organizational structure adjustment and upgrading, upgrade the original software business group for the wisdom Business Business Group (SCG), original mobile advertising division upgraded wisdom Marketing Business Group (SMG), and the newly established Enterprise Development Business Group (CDG), the note is the development of micro-enterprises in the Union business group established a new innovation Center and strategic investment and development, innovation Center carries all internal micro One innovation incubator business, war vote will be for the downstream part on external outstanding industry company mergers and acquisitions by way of investment to seek strategic cooperation.

With the overall Internet strategy to promote the industry Tencent, Tencent is consolidating through investment cooperation, including resources, service providers and industrial synergies, to accelerate the layout of the Internet industry. Has been serving the market in the B-side plays first-mover advantage in the micro League Group's future is expected to further benefit from the partnership with Tencent, continues to lead the industry in the Internet age To B end SaaS and precision marketing.

Micro League round of financing is to force Internet industry reserve sufficient funds and 'ammunition' to further expand the alliance's leadership in micro-To B side. Union will improve its micro layout in the wisdom business ecosystem through investments and acquisitions and other means. While micro alliance will strengthen research and development and continue to invest in Taiwan's technology to further enhance the micro-union group in the field of precision marketing SAAS + product competitiveness.

Others have such big brother behind the envy of Tencent micro League when both ignored and Tencent micro League the past four years the two teams side by side in the region, small and medium enterprises track above the common fight scene.

CICC July 31 released research report, the first half of 2019 is expected to Micro One strong growth performance, enhance revenue 101% to 666 million yuan.

 (Reprinted from: Technology Media DoNews)

Partners: Paradise Valley League Group invested 130 million yuan in micro-March 2018 C round of financing through the participation of PE funds. January 15, 2019, Micro One Group (02013.HK) officially listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, becoming the first new economic SaaS shares.

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