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[Partner] safety and health in the end, Cao Cao joint LEVC will travel first to introduce comprehens

Date: 2020-02-13
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Note: The Department of Cao Cao travel Paradise Valley invested enterprises

Recently, Geely announced that it will invest 370 million yuan in advance, starting with virus prevention features 'full health car' research and development. Geely Technology Group, a Hangzhou gifted Bank Ltd. (Cao Cao travel), will take the needs of both the research by the Division for users to travel during the outbreak of large data analysis, commercial vehicle joint Geely London's electric vehicle (LEVC), investment in research and development of comprehensive health England TX edition models, all-round healthy version of the British TX with sterilization and disinfection properties, and set up double cabin isolation to ensure the safety of passengers and drivers through closed. New England TX-made cars this year is expected to formally put on the domestic market, while the all-round healthy concept car will also be gradually applied to production models among.

A sudden new coronavirus swept the land of China, work together to check the spread of the epidemic, become a common responsibility and obligation of every person every business. 'Contagion' is already fully started. Under the umbrella of Geely Holding Group, the deployment of emergency prevention and control work, Geely Holding Group's subsidiaries play their respective business characteristics, have to join this national concern of 'Contagion' in.

Geely Technology Group, a Hangzhou gifted Bank Ltd. (Cao Cao travel), according to the unified deployment of Geely Holding Group, the commercial vehicle joint Geely Group, the London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC), and, together with Geely Automobile Group, the integration of R & D, into 'health-round car' concept new England TX application development model up.

In this battle, Cao Cao travel green travel platform rapid response initiative as to assume a net around the car companies should take social responsibility. Cao Cao travelers about using the B2C online car unique advantages, team organization to provide free services to the travel Wuhan section of community residents, medical personnel, and offers free shipping supplies and other services.

As of 7 February 2020, the city government should be required or voluntary organizations around, Cao Cao travel has been completed the formation of the emergency support team in Wuhan, Shiyan, Lanzhou, Xiamen, Suzhou, Xi'an, Qingdao, Ningbo and other 16 cities, handed over to the relevant departments and neighborhood communities unified. In addition, a number of cities, Chongqing, Beijing, Shenzhen, also are actively preparing emergency support team, make every effort to serve the public.

In the fight against SARS war, in order to ensure the safety of passengers and the driver of their own, providing passengers with the health and safety of space travel, the driver will travel Cao Cao repeatedly for a variety of operating vehicles disinfected, to be sure, however, the ubiquitous virus always make people feel worried. In fact, whether it is a special time to fight the new virus crown, or daily urban travel operators, network about cars and other vehicles sharing the city's health problems has been much public concern, the more if our network around the car itself has disinfection sterilization function it is good?

In the heart of the concept of beginning to provide users with green, healthy, safe travel, travel Cao Cao once again from the user's point of view, rapid response, commercial vehicles and Geely Group, the London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) cooperation, investment in research and development of all-round healthy version of England TX models. England all-round healthy version TX with sterilization and disinfection properties, and set up double cabin isolation to ensure the safety of passengers and drivers through closed. New England TX-made cars this year is expected to formally put on the domestic market, while the all-round healthy concept car will also be gradually applied to production models among.

As the world's only professional taxi brand, century-old electric car in London has always been known for safety and environmental protection. To meet the trend of the City of London and global energy conservation, Geely Holding Group has invested over £ 500 million, and R & D and production of a new car with zero emissions England TX function on this basis, now the car has been in the United Kingdom, France Germany and many other countries around the world to serve the residents travel, and will be formally launched in China this year, with domestic form. In January this year, Cao Cao travel Kaesong test operation in Paris, the operator of the vehicle is its all-new British TX models.

In the collaborative resources of the parties, London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) localization of R & D team on the basis of the original models TX, TX models for New England mainly for taxi and car users about the network, the more frequent staff mobility characteristics, plans starting from the aspects of anti-bacterial anti-virus, etc., to fully protect the safety of drivers and passengers of all-round, the new car will have the following characteristics.

Isolation closed double cabin provided

New England TX continuation of the classic London black cab British style design, driving space distinction clear, with a partition between the cockpit and the passenger cabin, both to ensure the privacy of passengers, but also safer and more environmentally friendly; and comprehensive health TX is the British version of the double cabin isolation is more radical.

The vehicle is fully enclosed cockpit and passenger compartment partition device completely sealed off to avoid environmental cockpit interpenetration between the two, to ensure the health and safety of the driver and passenger while the passenger compartment is also fully meet the privacy needs. To protect the passengers and the driver's normal communication, the car has a walkie-talkie function key, a key to press the switch, so that the two can communicate with foreigners. The system will also support T file a hearing aid features that make hearing-impaired passengers and the driver can smoothly exchange.

Passenger compartment air cleaning technology

England TX proprietary technology enables the air-conditioned passenger compartment air intake air cleaner. By isolation of dust, pollen, fine particulate matter, achieve purify the air inside the vehicle. Plus PM2.5 real-time monitoring capabilities, allowing passengers to air quality inside clear in mind.

And for the concept of 'comprehensive health car', comprehensive health TX British version also adds air conditioning sterilization technology, bacteria passenger compartment can be removed by this technology, ensuring fresh while increasing the health factor.

Passenger compartment disinfection technology

Comprehensive health TX proprietary version of the British passenger compartment spray disinfection technology. After leaving the passenger cabin, car spray disinfectant spray system for the passenger compartment to conduct a comprehensive, rapid disinfection, make sure the front of the vehicle passenger compartment is relatively sterile environment to prevent transmission of the virus during the trip.

Health and environmental protection materials technology

England all-round health TX full version of the car will use environmental health materials, high environmental protection, low sporadic, effective protection of vehicle air pollution, no odor. In the passenger area touched frequently handle, handrail, key system is used and other antibacterial, antimicrobial material, to their ability bacteriostatic or bactericidal surfaces.

In addition to these functions, based on existing models developed on the basis of comprehensive health TX still retains the British version of existing models highlights, such as lightweight design, intelligent configuration comfort, active and passive safety factor, in addition, efficient and environmentally friendly e -GAPF extended-power systems will also follow in the all-round healthy version of the British TX. Cao Cao travel believed about cars as a network of social development, optimized to meet the lifestyle needs improvement and way to travel, naturally, should advance with the times in terms of functionality, continue to solve real-life existence of difficulties and pain points. Cao Cao travel and LEVC both aware of the current travel industry, possible problems, the first time from a product development point of view addressed, showing corporate social responsibility.

The travel and LEVC Cao Cao joint, comprehensive health R & D version of the British TX, both adhering to the Group for the first time 'people-oriented, safe and eco-repairer' green concept cars, but also the characteristics of the network for about car / taxi from protect the driver and passengers core interests of health, safety and starting production of the new R & D concept cars virus epidemic prevention practice is a long-term efforts of the whole society to work anywhere at any time can not be taken lightly. Future, comprehensive health TX British version will be fully engaged to a more healthy and environmentally friendly social services to go.

(Reprinted from: Xihuzhisheng)

Partners: Paradise Valley Investment Bank Ltd. Hangzhou excellent (Cao Cao car) by PE fund in January 2018, the company is Geely Group, China's first strategic investment in new energy car sharing travel service platform. PitchBook According to statistics, the world's new in the first quarter of 2018 16 'unicorn enterprises', the valuation of Cao Cao car to exceed 10 billion into the top three.

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