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[Partner] epidemic during the Sobey video clips free products and services to apply for the relevant

Date: 2020-02-11
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Note: Sobey Digital Paradise Valley Department invested enterprises

To fully support the front-line fight against SARS content production, February 6 Sobey free Open full line of video editing products and services to the community, including from the cloud to the end, from the consumer level to all radio and television editing products, users only need to fill out the application information that is free of charge, on-line for two hours, the number of applicants more than 200 people, more than covering individual areas of health, education, radio and television, broadcast, etc., from the media, user organizations, as of this writing, the number of applications is rapidly growing.

Yesterday afternoon, there are many users have questions or entrust circle, etc. raised many questions, indicating that we are all eager to quickly try, to contribute to the epidemic coverage and publicity through a friend, to this end, general manager of Pan Sobey Media Business Zhou Xin and his team in an interview on the fight against SARS free and open service requests using the hot issues of concern to everyone in the process of doing answered their questions.

Q1: The Sobey open and free trial service applications, which are mainly user-oriented it?

Sobey has been committed for the professional broadcasters, to provide comprehensive solutions and services, subject to the requirements of this epidemic prevention and control, we produce reports and are subject to many restrictions and influence, but because the public for transparency and access to information the great demand, we see a lot of people, from the media, agencies are actively involved in efforts to capture and content production, therefore, decided to Sobey core technology in the coming year, 20 professional broadcasting and accumulation of ability, this particular is oriented in a video clip workers at all levels of the full range of video editing tools open up, available to those users free of charge, to enhance their rapid production capacity from the consumer level to all levels of radio and television video content, help our mainstream media and social institutions concerted efforts together to fight the epidemic, of course, the majority of our professional media workers, usually probably already familiar with the Sobey products in the workplace, but because of the impact of this epidemic may also have a lot of coordination office , SOHO office requirements, our professional services team and business radio and television, will be full These work to support the fight against SARS.

Q2: The Sobey open free trial service application and include specific what, we can solve any problem in the fight against SARS it?

This time we are very focused on providing core capability, video clips hope to be able to try to do this thing, can really work to fight against SARS, especially information and positive publicity provided substantial help, we provide mobile phone clips , cloud web clips, clips and stand-alone high-definition 4K ultra HD clips are oriented in different business scenarios.

Clips mainly for mobile phones in our fast clip, simple editing and publishing scene, such as grid management, a lot of residential property are quickly publish a variety of prevention and control, disinfection, check the owners of the group video, allowing owners Rest assured that you will be able to quickly clip the phone to help her do this function is not fancy, very practical and very simple and lightweight.

Web cloud clips based on cloud based content management and production, solve the problem of office, there is a computer, the browser can be remote editing, co-production, is more suitable for entry-level and professional level, for the quality of the content and effects of certain professional requirements, but has a certain degree of management requires fast and flexible production of content individuals and small institutions, the Sobey is under consideration as much as possible in the case of fast and flexible, so the ability to edit the browser's efforts to achieve closer editor needs of professional radio and television, this is the direction we have been working.

Stand-alone HD and 4K ultra high-definition video clips tend to be more professional, especially the latter, it is currently at the forefront of the world's top video editing tools, and these mainly oriented to more professional and even post-production video scene, on the format, bit rate, frame rate, color, brightness, resolution, and so have higher requirements, the latter is broadcasting level requirements, with our ordinary consumer-grade video is very different, and in this regard we are more oriented to professional video editors, functions too professional I will not introduced, this part of the user in our application and trial process, we also set up a separate support processes, it may involve certain hardware and equipment needs, will be introduced by the account manager in the communication process.

Q3: After you fill in the information by scanning the page, how account manager will contact with our users?

Fill in the afternoon 15 points before the current user information, we will before the day of mail confirmation to the relevant user fill out an application has been received, after 15:00, we will send a confirmation e-mail the next day, you receive a confirmation e-mail users three working days, we will have someone to contact you; In addition, because this just a service on the line, there are many users and applications involved, particularly with the user instructions, we will give priority to support health care, public security, property, etc. for the industry as a glimmer of treating SARS epidemic prevention and control workers immediate needs, help the fight against SARS is the beginning of our hearts, so also thank the other user's understanding of patience, open the face of a large number of customers on the application, our customer service and back-end technical support team last night had emergency arrangements, and will prepare for expansion of resources according to needs, try to support the success of this service; here, too again, when you apply for, and try to fill in more complete information, The first time we will judge and support.

Q4: After fill in the information by scanning the page, you can get free qualified yet?

Because some users of our products and services is not enough to know when to fill in, so, fill out, please try to maintain the smooth flow of mobile communications, information and verify the actual needs confirmation with you after, we'll give you to open the corresponding the services and information.

Q5: The free service will last?

The free service will be continued fight against SARS during the outbreak, of course, we will be based on the actual epidemic situation, correct function of a variety of services, improve and quickly updated, so please closely with their account manager communicate, get the latest information, unified policy on information and publishing, we will update in real time to the era of the Sobey public official number, we are concerned about, and get the latest information.

Q6: After the application, I'm not familiar with, do not use how to do, how to quickly get started, someone to teach me?

The fight against SARS free services we have support and co-participation in national service system together clips for mobile phones and cloud web clips, our product managers and customer service headquarters will be involved in supporting, and in front of professional editing software told me, because equipment of high demand, high degree of specialization, our local technical support team has a wealth of experience in professional broadcasting project support, we will be involved in supporting, training and service support! Please rest assured, it can really contribute to the epidemic, we really want to support good 100 Editor is a real fight against SARS and productive work content services, rather than the 100,000 registered login Registrant, we do not need traffic!

Q7: After the application of a particular tool service, would like to use other tools how to do?

It does not matter, just contact the appropriate account manager to our customer support around the clock manager, so here also remind you once again, in order to obtain better and faster support, at the beginning, try to focus on the tools you need it most, late again replace or add also supported

Q8: After the free on-line service application, how to apply the situation? How do you deal with the team?

The face of the epidemic, the rapid response team, our first thought was, with professional technical help front-line workers in the media to win this epidemic prevention and control warfare, although not officially return to work, are scattered throughout the country, but with our team cloud office of the corresponding part of the way to get through, with the fastest speed on the line. At present, the reaction is very enthusiastic, has received applications from all walks of life, in order to ensure the user experience, our team is working overtime for expansion. If you encounter problems in the course, it may be the first contact corresponding account manager, during the epidemic, the original 400 call Sobey affected to some degree, we will recover as soon as possible, and we will do through a variety of mobile office group good support, please rest assured.

Epidemic priority, welcomed the industry, institutions, organizations and individuals, with our better and faster editing tools to create more resistance to 'plague' content.

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(Reprinted from: Sobey Digital official micro-channel public number)

Partners: Paradise Valley in 2015, invested by Chengdu Sobey Digital Technology Co., Ltd. PE fund, the company won the 2019 China's most influential software and information service enterprises title.

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