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[Remote] partners to join hands Tencent cloud technology platform for the introduction of the smart

Date: 2020-02-07
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Note: Remote Technology Paradise Valley invested enterprises

The new coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic has entered a critical period, in a complex situation and public opinion are intertwined epidemics, the use of cloud computing, big data technologies such as precise and detailed data imputation analysis, can effectively help the government carry out scientific decision-making.

It is reported that Zhejiang Far EasTone Information Technology Co., Ltd. to join hands Tencent cloud jointly launched the 'prevention and control of intelligent information collection and notification platform' for the prevention and control of the outbreak investigation and build 'security line of defense.' The use of remote technology platform mature intelligent AI technology and interactive applications Tencent underlying AI, arithmetic ability, combined with the current epidemic prevention and control focus and target population characteristics, work together to develop targeted interaction process.

Meet the preliminary screening of large populations

Reporters learned that the entity information technology in Taiwan's Far EasTone intelligent extraction technology, the voice interaction process can be completed on the 'Recent Activity Path', 'contact high-risk personnel', 'contact time', 'take the high-speed rail / flight departures' 'return time', 'physical condition' and other important real-time information collection. After the call is completed quickly form 'Profiles epidemic prevention and control' in the enabling technology in Taiwan's Far EasTone data, to monitor the big picture by BI data billboards big screen; can also be linked to 'the latest confirmed cases' file information analysis to help 'command center' to quickly locate 'potential risk officer' and the implementation of 'key track' to further the prevention and control or 'isolation' and other measures for decision making.

Outbreak period coincided with the spring and return peak, the number of passengers nationwide to send about 30 million people. Remote technology said that in such a large crowd in the spring, 'smart prevention and control of information collection and notification platform' to meet the touch of screening large populations, the potential risks involved in epidemic objects travel, staff were in contact with infected areas mark. Among them, the ultra-intelligent outbound concurrent capacity can touch short of the target population in the area, quickly gather relevant information; real-time early warning of the risk is real-time monitoring and timely respondents warning reminder. 'Smart prevention and control of information collection and notification platform' to help the government fast, comprehensive, accurate understanding of the structure of personnel information, the scientific development of regulatory measures, truly a 'rapid acquisition, real-time analysis, accurate reporting.'

High risk orientation tracking file

After preliminary investigation, 'smart prevention and control of information collection and notification platform' capable of automatically potentially infected objects, high-risk persons suspected cases are marked, return visits, contact with pathogens accurate personnel management, to ensure tracking in place, each government department help full precision rolling Mopai. Record the information required by the design process node, the establishment of high risk file directional tracking, auxiliary grasp the overall situation changes in the area. Should accurately identify and cut off the source of infection to curb the spread of the epidemic spread of momentum for the effective implementation of prevention and control grid provided scientific support.

Epidemic raging, Fun to rumors, this time transparent, efficient and accurate communication of information is particularly important. Reporters learned that the 'smart prevention and control of information collection and notification platform' for community residents also point missionary epidemic prevention and control knowledge, informing the latest policies to achieve fast and accurate communication of information collection. And for enterprises, 'the prevention and control of intelligent information collection and notification platform' also has one-click publishing 'return to work back post,' and other features, will release a comprehensive rework notification, statistics notification background check, the overdue review can be intelligent outbound or micro-channel replacement notice, to ensure employees are aware of and clearly rework precautions.

Remote technology, said the company in order to boost epidemic prevention and control technology, with sophisticated AI intelligence interactive technology, robotics training capability and other advantages, R & D team will continue to improve related services, return to work for the return spring large flow of people and public holiday fully prepared to contribute to epidemic prevention and control.

(Reprinted from: Securities Daily)

Partners: Paradise Valley in October 2008 by PE fund investment in Hangzhou Far EasTone Communications Technology Co., Ltd., in December 2015 transmission technique (834,841) landing three new board, a customer service technology industry leader and customer service technology industry leading companies. 2017, Far EasTone Technology's Artificial Intelligence series of three products come out, to highlight its 'AI +' breakthrough technology services, as well as three patents for inventions certificate issued by the State Intellectual Property Office of the harvest, was awarded the China Software Industry Association, '2017's most investment growth potential software companies. '

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