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How to beat the [partner] crown new virus? Austria Technology choice is "big data"

Date: 2020-02-07
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Note: Austria Technology Department invested enterprises Paradise Valley

January 21, the twelfth lunar month, the new crown virus began to spread to the whole country.

Hangzhou Austrian Technology Co., Ltd. Hangzhou public security project team of engineers, after receiving the notice of emergency response, quick action, based on data of the brain Hangzhou city, Hangzhou, returnees and vehicles from the high incidence of the epidemic through the investigation, assisting the Hangzhou public security, traffic police, net grid members return visit; the transportation field focus cerebellum is applied to the city's vehicle tracking, vehicle, according to the investigation focuses on the need to isolate the affected areas of the vehicle and personnel vehicles sieve; judged, global show local staff, the distribution grid through big data analysis check monitoring.

From the twelfth lunar month so far, engineers Austria Technology Hangzhou Public Security of the project team in shifts through the night to support the joint fight against SARS prevention and control work in Hangzhou public security and health committee of the city of David. Sleepy, sleep in the office while; hungry, put a cold lunch ......

Austria Technology was founded in 2008, is a leading artificial intelligence-government operation services leader. The company independent research and development based on the data in the table, intelligent algorithms, knowledge maps and other core technologies to provide a full range of big data and artificial intelligence solutions for police, public safety, transportation, market regulation and other government sectors, and the construction of many industry benchmark project. For example, Zhejiang public security intelligent cloud on the prevention and control system, Baotou cross traffic police command platform and big data integration system judged Guangdong Public Security Bureau Big Data platform for data management, National Anti-Drug big data platform, G20 summit of major events security and other special command system .

The epidemic continues to spread, time is life, how to beat the new crown virus? Hangzhou companies have donated money and materials, people to contribute, and the choice Austria Technology is the 'big data.'

'The use of big data analytics, support services epidemic situation judged, epidemic prevention and control as well as the deployment of surveillance of movement of persons, precise Shi policy, etc., to help control the epidemic prevention and control, to help users to join the fight against the epidemic prevention and control warfare.' Austria Technology officials said.

January 21, the twelfth lunar month, Beijing, engineers Austria Technology Ministry of Public Security of the project team, providing technical support for statistics and grasp the hardest hit by the epidemic into the cities and counties personnel situation and take all modes of transportation travelers circumstances;

January 28, Great Year, Hangzhou, Zhejiang public security science and technology project in the Austrian group of district technical engineer after receiving the company's mission, the first time drove 200 kilometers to the Office of Zhejiang Province, the provincial Public Security Department data operations support work, Wuhan flowing into the inlet conduct a comprehensive statistical model data to support Zhejiang Province;

January 29, Early in the Guangdong public security, S0701 project team to provide data analysis support services in Guangdong, in the Austrian technology, and actively provide technology for the prevention and control of epidemic control and law enforcement. Small partners to work overtime, shift operation and maintenance of special activity data, power ministries and agencies to complete the Guangdong outbreak of social data management and data operation and maintenance work

January 25, New Year's Day, the public security emergency notice should Xing'an League of Inner Mongolia, Austria Technology Center North junior partner interruption of annual leave from Shandong to Beijing, and then onward flights to Xing'an League, the affected areas to assist the Public Security Bureau in Xing'an League League personnel tracking and data analysis;


Relative to the outer healthcare, disease control officers, police, traffic police, volunteers and other front-line workers, Austria Technology engineers have considered 'the people behind.' To fight this epidemic prevention and control warfare, fighting in the front line can not be separated tens of thousands of 'soldiers', it is also inseparable from behind the scenes 'unsung heroes' of silence to pay.

The face of the epidemic, Austria Technology technical support branch also set up an emergency response team, stick to their posts day and night, with 'big data' help Ministry of Public Security, Public Security Bureau, Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou Public Security Bureau and other public security organs at all levels make personnel involved in immune Mopai and to identify, locate surveillance of suspected cases related to space, as well as personnel management and control analysis and other efforts to lay the novel coronavirus epidemic prevention and control battle.

'Our company also purchased a number of prevention materials, make the office environment disinfection, also issued' emergency epidemic prevention and control in the Austrian Technology Handbook ', with practical action to protect the safety and health of employees. We believe that scientific control, precision Shi policy, we we will be able to win the epidemic prevention and control warfare! 'Austria Technology-related staff said.

(Reprinted from: Hangzhou Daily)

Partners: Paradise Valley in October 2017 by PE fund investment in Hangzhou Austrian Technology Co., Ltd., in December that year the company won the '2017 China Artificial Intelligence industry leader,' in 2018 won the '2017 China Excellent Big Data Solutions provider ', Chinese big data companies list V5.0' industry security applications ',' wisdom public security, 'the two NO.1.

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