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[Partner] Micro One of the first to join Tencent "SaaS technology alliance" and build technology in

Date: 2020-01-14
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Note: Micro One Group of companies invested in Paradise Valley

January 7, Tencent officially announced the launch of 'SaaS technology alliance' between SaaS-based solutions vendor interoperability, efficient integration, development effectiveness issues, so as to enhance the development and delivery of SaaS vendors efficiency. Micro League as the leader in business intelligence service provider, become the first members of the alliance with Kingdee, UF, and the six degrees, a road, Ken resistance Kesa (KNX) and other external SaaS vendors, and enterprise WeChat Tencent meeting , enterprises and other point Tencent internal SaaS products and build technology in Taiwan.

It is understood that, 'SaaS technology alliance' Tencent is also an important part of SaaS ecology 'sails Plan', China's Internet development industry alliance will also work with Tencent and related companies together, SaaS technical committee to carry out preparatory work.

SaaS domestic industry is still in the formative years, confined to a single SaaS vendor technology products limited capacity and other issues, it is difficult to become bigger: on the one hand SaaS vendors large and small ecological self, form a large 'fish ponds not connected with', alone a force difficult to complete the integration of multiple SaaS applications; on the other hand, the lack of a single SaaS vendors PaaS platform customized project support, it is difficult to deliver large customer projects. The PaaS platform requires a lot of self-built R & D investment, short-term is difficult to bear fruit. Faced with these challenges, Tencent joint technology vendors to build in Taiwan to promote the SaaS business usher in a new period of development.

As a SaaS excellent field service providers, micro League since its inception in 2013, in building a SaaS services and enhance PaaS capabilities will put a lot of resources. 2017, Micro One of its product architecture system is a new technological change and strategy to upgrade and deepen industry-wide platform capabilities Micro One software products, providing SaaS solutions for the electricity business, retail, hospitality, life service and other various industries, building online and offline under the integration of business intelligence ecosystem services; the same year, the AU launched the micro-micro League PaaS cloud platform, with different areas of ISV (independent developers) manufacturers in-depth cooperation, docking micro One's SaaS products and services to meet the needs of a wide range of business enterprises , help enterprises digital upgrade. 2019, Micro One double hit with the Shanghai joint investment centers, investment and acquisitions by SaaS industry chain with high growth of enterprises, improve the ecological layout cloud service areas. Means that, in China's SaaS vendors, the micro-union already has outstanding advantages and barriers to competition, with the collaboration with Tencent and ecological partners, to develop standards and build strength in the common platform technology, drive new growth Chinese SaaS market.

Senior Vice President and Chief micro League Huang Chun-wei, chief technology officer attended the Alliance ceremony, he said the become 'SaaS technology alliance' of the first members, Micro One will be based on their strong technical accumulation and industry experience, with an open win-win principle to technological innovation as the core driving force, with various SaaS vendor interoperability, sharing of production tools, together to provide integrated solutions for industrial customers, and jointly promote the development of SaaS market.

Tencent Senior Executive Vice President, Business Group President and cloud intelligence industry Tangdao Sheng said that for the SaaS industry, the construction of a platform interoperability, the various SaaS vendors to connect, share of production, is a prerequisite for bigger SaaS market, SaaS technology alliance also hopes to reach the goal. He also pointed out that compared with European and American SaaS market billions of dollars in market size, domestic SaaS market is still huge room for imagination, wish to have ten billion market capitalization growth from the enterprise SaaS ecology.

It is reported that in 2019 the end of October, Tencent launched '1000 sail plan,' which plans to integrate internal resources Tencent cloud, enterprise micro-letters, Tencent SaaS accelerator, Tencent location services, joint external SaaS companies to build eco promote domestic SaaS fast-growing market . As one of the core members of the Alliance SaaS Tencent, Tencent micro League hope to work together to promote the strategy of landing the Internet industry, is seeking more digital transformation of enterprise customers to provide solutions.

(Reprinted from: firewood Network)

Partners: Paradise Valley League Group invested 130 million yuan in micro-March 2018 C round of financing through the participation of PE funds. January 15, 2019, Micro One Group (02013.HK) officially listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, becoming the first new economic SaaS shares.

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