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[Partner] Austria Technology "Brain Police" best practice in data management city outbreak

Date: 2020-02-12
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Note: Austria Technology Department invested enterprises Paradise Valley

Since February 10, the city began to return to work all over the province, epidemic prevention and control work has entered the second stage of the critical period.

The face of complex foreign people, how to use cloud computing, big data technologies such as data collection and analysis of accurate informative, so that medical institutions, the public security system, government departments, communities and the park quickly and effectively utilize big data for accurate decision-making, it is particularly important .

Austria Technology, which was founded in 2008, a senior artificial intelligence and big data business, as early as January 20, on the establishment of emergency technical support team, the first time to support the Ministry of Public Security, Public Security Bureau, Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou Public Security Bureau and other cooperative units, use in Austria developed digital platform to help make sound decisions, found that warning, epidemic prevention and control work and family deployment.

Epidemic threatened, from the user needs to active service

In mid-January, when most people carries the joy of the New Year ready to go home, order tickets, running tide in their hometowns, the Austrian office building in science and technology has been highly busy, kept getting more cooperation with emergency notification requirements .

Wuhan emergence of a new crown epidemic pneumonia, huge population during the spring flow, Beijing, Hangzhou, two police departments Emergency proposed that Austria Technology can make the relevant data models and analysis right out of the population has access to the area, Wuhan and other parts of Hubei, including people, traffic, track behavior, relationship maps, contact with objects.

At that time, the new crown pneumonia epidemic also broke out only in Wuhan, but has not yet attracted nationwide attention. However, the demand for services to Beijing and Hangzhou, two police, the Austria Technology found that the risk of the outbreak of the epidemic may be larger than expected, for which data are given two recommendations immediately to the public security.

January 20, Austria Technology rapid establishment of the new crown pneumonia emergency technical support team dedicated to support the Ministry of Public Security, Public Security Bureau, Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou Public Security Bureau, Hangzhou Traffic Police Detachment and other units cooperation. At the same time, Austria Technology and cooperation of Inner Mongolia and Guangdong public security system in cooperation with quick links, warning of possible risks.

'January 23, the new crown is confirmed pneumonia can be transmitted person to person. After just a few days, around the outbreak and spread of the epidemic around the world have appeared. Spring Festival, police departments work responsibilities and the pressure increased sharply. 'Austria Technology founder Zhengshen Jun said early warning data to predict at this time is critical.

How to identify and track close contacts of patients diagnosed? , Such as community and other close contacts how to control major cities in the region? How the data play a role in this one?

Zhengshen Jun said: 'We start from the already diagnosed personnel, focusing on collecting behavior trace data treatment data hospitals, the smart card port, city webcam, airport hotel bookings and out of Hong Kong, etc. by public security departments, after the completion of data through the data table aggregation, processing, management, computing and application analysis. some partners proposed building to be done immediately epidemic prevention and control of large-screen data, there have been personnel into the area of Hubei, Wuhan and other regions, Wenzhou and Taizhou in some counties how much, where and what the contact person has been confirmed, the need for isolation, how real-time flow of people in and out of the city, traffic data, the county epidemic prevention and control of focus, what community, what do ...... needs urgent need at a glance, It also needs to command judgments auxiliary systems for epidemic prevention and control, make service arrangements, intelligence analysis, command and dispatch, plan development and management, emergency response ...... ultimately diagnosed rapid staff, close contacts, general contacts, etc. finds the first time to create a dynamic file, notice the first time in place, For a time effective isolation, and rapid deployment of the relevant police force, government forces and social forces to take action to achieve precise person, dynamic tracking, closed-loop management, to achieve real-time monitoring of the epidemic, accurate Shi policy and so on. '

At this stage, Austria Technology also added for the community / district, parks, neighborhood, school, engineering and other basic organizational unit of intelligence community / campus epidemic prevention and control system, for people, vehicles and data monitoring, collection, implement and prevention group precise positioning of governance, key personnel, real-time early warning, providing a complete solution for the fine management personnel return, rework staff, permanent staff, personnel exposure to risks, focusing on suspected persons, the prevention and control of 'Skynet' further coverage in each city corner.

60 people Residential Services

Police brain at nearly 300 remote support outbreak

Under epidemic prevention and control, urban brain, the brain has been in high-speed police operation. This one, to provide technical and service support of Austria Technology employees without a break.

'In the New Year, Austria Technology because of the special nature of the industry, in the past also there will be many employees and police, traffic police were on duty together, provide development stage, maintenance services and so on. But this year because of the special epidemic, from years ago, and now there are about 50, 60 in cooperation with colleagues together to provide field service. '

In the remote support, the number has been increasing. During the Chinese New Year, there are about 30 employees in Austria Technology remote online; after February 3, rework, increase the number of employees, the vast majority of more than 300 current employees already in the post, and provide remote support services.

Zhengshen Jun said the epidemic prevention and control of the data of the order, not the same degree of complexity than ever gathering of professional data, social data, Internet data. Austria Technology in the process, with many technological breakthroughs:

First, Austria Technology has been involved in national and industrial standard written a number of big data, data quality processing industry is generally higher than the average level, strong data standards and standardized floor execution capabilities. And this involves more social data, and data standardization is not enough, of varying quality. In order to improve efficiency and Austria on many methodological tools and processes made rich.

Second, before Austria Technology is not enough experience to deal with such large-scale public health and safety incidents. Through this response, we have accumulated a set of effective disposal methods. Austria was originally the main face of police intelligence data command, intelligence judgments, traffic management, counter-terrorism, stability maintenance, security and other major events as well as for multi-scene data intelligence applications, but the epidemic involve the coordination of multiple government departments, which requires fast acquisition and knowledge sharing capabilities of local governments and social data, data governance and data sets support capability, more in-depth urban policing, transportation, health health, emergency and other fast action and milestones emergency response mechanisms scene understanding. In response to this demand, and Austria in existing data sets, rapid integration of the business units outcome of epidemic prevention and control products business requirements, we developed a lightweight tools and algorithms, as well as new products for epidemic prevention and control, including AI + police data platform for epidemic prevention and control, intelligence community / campus epidemic prevention and control platforms.

Third, the data application scenarios breakthrough. Austria Technology demand for the rapid introduction of a variety of application integration interface big screen, PC, mobile phones, car, etc., for a variety of network forms the industry network, the Internet, deployment, widely used in public security, politics and law, Attorney General, Commission for Discipline Inspection Control Yuan, intelligence community, the future of the community, to meet the daily management and epidemic prevention and control needs.

Smart City will bring data intelligence outbreak

Crisis and machine, always like a pair of twins simultaneously.

'In early 2020 this epidemic is also a good test of the ability of the market. By the outbreak of crisis management, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, or will form a new intelligent data model and experience, that is, how to enhance the overall construction of smart city, to strengthen governance and data data capacity of the brain is imminent. '

Zhengshen Jun explained that the city brain, smart city concept has been raised for many years, from a practical point of view, many cities just completed the establishment of various independent data systems, although there are some cities to achieve a multi-sectoral, multi-system data integration, but only the data aggregation, data management, data sharing system has been missing on the mechanism. Because of the lack of coordination mechanism, it is difficult to establish effective data warehouse, theme library, data resources and service applications on thematic library.

Emergence of epidemic exposed the problem of lack of wisdom in urban data collection and sharing capabilities, and intelligent data service floor is not strong, providing new requirements for the future construction of smart city, but also once again confirms the data governance, data the importance of Taiwan in the wisdom of urban construction. Zheng Shenjun believe, for the wisdom of urban construction data services industry, the outbreak of the impending development.

Future, Austria Technology epidemic prevention and control will be important as a new module into the city data into the brain of emergency prevention and control products, and continue to strengthen and improve product development and product maturity on this basis, and Austria focus on strengthening data governance, data units, intelligence units, business units, brain urban construction, improve the effectiveness of the use of city data.

At the same time, combined with the national intelligence community, the future of the community, the wisdom of the park, corporate demand for digital transformation, Austria Technology will also be original for public safety, national security, traffic safety centers of the brain-based construction business extends expand, strengthen data, business intelligence double and reserve personnel training, to enhance the collection of more standardized or non-standardized data management, sharing, service capabilities, better use of data from the good.

Austria, on industry data and analysis judged the scene, turn on to a new level.

(Reprinted from: 36 Krypton Zhejiang)

Partners: Paradise Valley in October 2017 by PE fund investment in Hangzhou Austrian Technology Co., Ltd., in December that year the company won the '2017 China Artificial Intelligence industry leader,' in 2018 won the '2017 China Excellent Big Data Solutions provider ', Chinese big data companies list V5.0' industry security applications ',' wisdom public security, 'the two NO.1.

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