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[Partner] new intellectual knowledge innovation-driven, leading industry figures

Date: 2020-03-25
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Note: The new Chilean investment fund business knowledge-based Paradise Valley

REVIEW: Recently, China Public Security (CPS) on the new editor Dingzhao Wei Chi cognitive market positioning, strategic plan, the core business, competitive advantage and other issues, the new president of Chile cognitive Yang Rui made a special interview. Reproduced below:

The new intellectual cognition is the new Austrian Group's digital industry's core business, relying on scientific and technological innovation in recent years, continuous restructuring and upgrading development in the digital industry, becoming the industry leader.

So, the new wisdom is knowledge of how to succeed? With this issue, recently, the reporter interviewed the new president Yang Rui Chi cognition.

1, China's public security: As ENN Group's digital industry's core business, market positioning new awareness of what is wisdom?

Yang Rui: new intellectual cognition (stock code: 603 869) is the new Austrian Group's digital technology sector listed companies, as industry knowledge solutions provider, firmly grasp the development trend of the Internet era, the front-line customer service scenario for traction, based on a deep understanding of the needs of industrial customers, through artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other innovative technologies, proprietary data services engine digital OS platform, integrated command and Control system and intelligent big data modeling engine and other core products, digital police services, digital energy, tourism and other industries to provide customers with digital data aggregation, management, mining, analysis, application solutions.

2, China's public security: After the acquisition Pok, new intellectual awareness of the company's business direction and marketing strategy to adjust what?

Yang Rui: North Bay and Pok Hong trip after the reorganization, along with the research and development of an integrated Command and Control technology, the company's overall integrated business model from the traditional system to the self-development of products and operational services paradigm shift.

At present, the company's main business has been gradually deepen the digital security (including: police security, energy security, travel safety and city public safety) as the core industry knowledge solutions business, the main products include: intelligent synthesis of public security command system, gas security intelligence operations systems, travel security intelligence operations systems, smart business collaboration platform (Digital OS), and so on.

In 2020, the strategic positioning basis to city public security intelligence operators as the main line, the company will make full use of the background controlling shareholder of the new Austrian group on intellectual energy of the whole industry, combined with the controlling shareholder of strategy in the energy sector, to accelerate the implementation of the Intelligent Energy safety-related business scene, is now in Langfang, Tengzhou successful completion of landing implementation.

In the past 2019, although the company has more than difficult, but in innovation and change in business transformation strategy is already clear, security has become the main line of business, demonstration projects to bear fruit, and aspects of the internal control system, brand building, to stimulate talent, also had a productive session ; at the same time, all employees at customer-centric, eco-through polymerization and improve innovation and service forces, riding on the wave of the digital age, dream beginning of the heart, live Shaohua.

3, Chinese public security: the core business and competitive advantages of the new intellectual awareness focused on what areas?

Yang Rui: new intellectual awareness in the past three years to build a business collaboration platform for smart, intelligent big data modeling engine, Integrated Command and Control System Trinity wisdom police ecosystem, consolidate and strengthen the core business areas of digital police.

As the company continued to strengthen the policing of wisdom, recently constructed a special ability to innovate security intelligence field construction organization and implementation of the National Development and Reform Commission - Integrated Command and Control National Engineering Laboratory, National Engineering Laboratory and relying on continuing to enhance its core competitiveness force.

From beginning to end, the company attaches great importance to cooperation model 'production - pragmatics - - research' of: human intelligence (HI) and scene-driven data-driven artificial intelligence (AI) integration, to achieve super intelligent analysis for decision-making intelligent (SI); at the same time, to create a data service engine Digital OS, use big data, joint learning technology, rich data collaboration can support the scene, while ensuring data sovereignty, and promote the exchange of data.

At the same time to increase their R & D investment, the company and the Public Security Institute have developed more ecological cooperation. The new intellectual cognition and Kunming Public Security Bureau, Langfang City Public Security Bureau set up joint laboratories and research centers of digital technology in the field of policing, common search for new breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, big data technology in related fields.

At the same time, the company and Huawei are also rising, on the one hand, the cooperation on hardware products; on the other hand, the company's 'big data cloud intelligent police command platform' program is progressing well, Huawei has completed interoperability testing of cloud ecology , being released the next stage of the review process. Huawei invited to join the company by 'Kunpeng Gun Partnership Program', the program is collaboration Huawei Cloud & AI BG's.

In addition, in the wisdom of urban construction, the company and Chongqing Tongnan Tongnan city area of cooperation in the construction project has been completed delivery of the brain, to achieve 'Internet +' government services through a unified platform to converge applications, improving government services tongnan district government capacity At the same time, also contributed to the level of local public information consumption. At present, the company is also actively promote the Chengdu Metro Airport, south of Yancheng District of smart city business layout.

Of course, the company also attaches great importance to consolidate the basis for the development of qualifications, have successively made CMMI5 international level evaluation and certification, qualification relevant state secret, and won the '2019 China Top 50 Big Data enterprise', 'National Excellent construction intelligent Political Science Innovation Award' 'Smart city 2019 outstanding program' award title.

4, China Public Security: As of now, a new awareness of intellectual What are the main landing project? These projects lay a new awareness of the intellectual status of the industry which had a positive impact?

Yang Rui: From the second half of 2018, the company needs a new generation of digital synthesis police command solutions quickly began to show.

From the point of view of public security command and dispatch business scenarios, to 110 Alarming as the core of the previous generation of police command system can not meet the growing business needs: first, the lack of effective distribution mechanism, to allocate work manually, the process is very complicated; second, the lack of effective oversight mechanisms, accountability mechanisms can not be achieved, leading to all kinds of problems await.

Xinzhi cognitive police launched a new generation of digital synthesis solutions command, and the first floor applications in Shanghai, iterative improvement in actual combat. Compared with traditional products, pay more attention to the new generation of programs to combat demand for traction, driven to police collaboration, to enhance the effectiveness of police work.

Songjiang branch, for example, covering normal command, emergency command and the command of the three big insurance scene, to meet the needs of public security, 'a screen view of the world, the city government network,' the. At the same time, the transverse linkage almost all police departments, police stations and their subsidiaries longitudinal through the most basic functions of the agency, truly cross-level, cross-police of combined operations.

2019, a new generation digital synthesis police command Solutions has completed the layout of many capital cities of Shanghai, Nanjing, Kunming, Hangzhou, Wuhan and other; in 2020, the company will further the secondary and tertiary cities expand, while constantly improve product functionality, and actively expand the emergency response, public health and other fields, rich scenarios to solve the program.

5, Chinese public security: artificial intelligence and big data has become the development direction of the industry, new intellectual knowledge which has accumulated experience in the field of artificial intelligence and big data? What achieve a breakthrough?

Yang Rui: new intellectual awareness has been implementing the 'data security, advanced technology, in-depth application of' three-pronged strategy of product technology.

Data security is the bottom line of big data application development, it is necessary to meet the needs of open sharing of data, but also focus on the protection of data sovereignty. Xinzhi cognitive-based big data security standards and national industry, to build a set of security technologies to protect system data, enabling full encryption; the same time, a business system designed to promote interaction data, follow the on-demand aggregation, with the the principle of return, so that data orderly interaction.

Technology, great big data system based on the amount of data volume, many types of low-value processing speed and density characteristics, using the batch process frame stream unity, fusion streaming and batch processing, and add processing data, conversion , cleaning, and other related functions, the ability to standardize the inner platform and multi-type data storage implemented to accommodate a variety of scenarios and data access. Based on data management, the use of 'HI + AI' AI framework to achieve expert intelligence and machine intelligence for critical business scenarios slice energized, such as smart intelligence, smart alarm, intelligent plan and so on.

Application, the company focused business scenarios to create high-value core business systems. In the public security industry company focused on high-value business intelligence directing this scenario, create intelligent synthesis of command. In other industry companies, outside the essence of public security command will be scheduled into a 'control the situation and work together,' the general ability to create intelligent operating system for the safety of gas, intelligent scheduling systems, etc. for safe travel.

6, Chinese public security: technological and social development of large-scale events security work put forward higher requirements. What are exploring new intellectual knowledge made in this regard? What accumulated experience?

Yang Rui: Recalling the development of science and technology and society all these years, we can see that public security business innovation and progressive reform mechanism and technology complement each other, relying on each other. By deeply involved in multiple high-profile, high-impact benchmarking project construction and on-site service, the company has accumulated a wealth of operational experience in large-scale projects.

Such as 2017 to ensure safety first 'all the way along the' International Cooperation Forum held, we cooperate with the Beijing Public Security Bureau to develop and deliver major events security guard command system, while being subjected to the Beijing Public Security Bureau thousand in 2018 police more than once a test of support tasks, and therefore privileged to be the only one company Ministry of Public security and Technology progress award in the field of major security events.

In the past 2019, our cooperation with the Shanghai Public Security Bureau to develop a 'wind tunnel' system, opened the Urban Council, the Bureau, police station and front-line police, the successful completion of the security work for the second session of the China International Import Expo. Also in 2019 we also successfully completed a series of major events Fuzhou Digital China summit, Wuhan Jun Games and other security support mission, leaders at all levels have been affirmed and practical application units.

I can confidently say that the new intellectual knowledge with the ability to deliver end to end and ongoing operations from theoretical research to the public security department of the National Engineering Laboratory landing combat in the field of security events!

7, Chinese public security: Do you think digital police, Digital City will be developed which direction? How the new knowledge will lead the Chilean police digital, digital city development?

Yang Rui: I personally think that, whether digital or digital city police, the future development of both will stimulate demand as business collaboration, to achieve business innovation in business collaboration, and ultimately create more value for customers and provide better service experience. In order to promote the digitization process industry, new intellectual cognition from the following two aspects of continuous innovation, and actively practice - product innovation & service model innovation!

In terms of product innovation, new business trends based on intellectual knowledge large collaborative design and development of large collaborative platform products Digital OS: by building a collaborative and visualization of large data modeling capabilities to create elastic solid data base; by building a service set City and management platform, providing one-stop services ecological and collaboration space; by designing a unified view layer and codeless interface layout, unity, integration and sharing of user portal. Digital OS platform products provide the foundation for large collaborative capabilities, effectively increasing business agility.

The level of innovation in the service mode, whether it is wise or intelligent city police its delivery model is bound to face a breakthrough change. In the closer to customers, more rich and flexible service requirements under, on the one hand, the traditional one-time turn-key mode to create a customer, a win-win operation service model. On the other hand, to the data as the starting point, the data for the data to be intelligent posture through continuous data operations, continue to find innovation, the implementation of growth and achieve common development with customers quickly.

(Reprinted from: Xinzhi cognitive micro-channel public number)

Partners: Paradise Valley investment BOCOM Intelligent Network Technology Co., Ltd. in May 2013 by three equity funds, in September 2016 the company backdoor North Bay Tourism Co., Ltd. (603869.SH), 2018 change of the company in mid-July name for the new digital cognitive wisdom Technology Co., Ltd., the end of December 2018 changed the industry classification, software and IT services industry has become. The company based Massive high concurrent real-time data engine, Open Cloud + side + client platform ecosystem, the industry of artificial intelligence fusion core technologies to create enabling consulting methodologies and industry knowledge to solve two core competitiveness program, is committed to the digital economy under era supply-side enabling customers to become promoters of the digital economy.

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