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Yunchuang Big Data Public Security Division was formally established

Date: 2018-06-27
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On June 19, 2018, Yunchuang Big Data Public Security Division was formally established. Zuo Sai served as general manager of the Public Security Department. The establishment of this division is the fifth largest business unit established by Yunchuang Data Group following the earthquake division, education division, environmental division, and mapping division.

With social and economic development, public security informationization is becoming a leading and strategic target for national economic and social development, and an important engine for promoting economic growth and building smart cities. The application and development of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing in the field of public security plays an extremely important role in realizing the transformation of information technology in traditional industries, building smart cities, and improving economic efficiency and international competitiveness.

Ever since, YunChuangDaData has accumulated many years of industry accumulation and successful experience in the public security industry, and has maintained close ties with public security systems in various parts of the country, including the Nanjing Public Security Bureau, the Public Security Department of Shandong Province, the Public Security Department of Hebei Province, and the Public Security Department of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.  The related products of Yunchuang Development have been supported by public security systems in many places across the country and have been widely used.

In 2012, Zhou Kehua’s shootings caused a sensation in the country, causing many casualties. Because the suspect has certain anti-detection capabilities, the key information obtained through video surveillance is only the suspect's left half face and a back view. For the vast sea of people, this is undoubtedly a needle in the haystack. In order to find this little evidence, the Nanjing Public Security Bureau transferred the city's video surveillance and arranged for thousands of police to participate in video analysis.

Due to the huge amount of historical video material, uploading, sharing, and quick accessing are all demanding for storage devices. At that time, the Public Security Bureau had contacted a lot of storage companies, some of which could not provide such large-capacity demand, some had a long lead time, and it was difficult to complete equipment procurement and implementation in a short time. At this time, Yunchuang was at the public security bureau to do a storage test and was  taken to the rescue.

After the incident, Yun Chen, Chairman of the Board, Zhang Zhen personally led the team. The engineers in the storage and hardware departments worked continuously for one week. They quickly completed the deployment of the Nanjing Public Security Bureau Information Center, the Jiangsu Provincial Police Academy, and the case investigation headquarters. Six cStor cloud storage systems. In the first few days of the first few months, almost all the hard drives in downtown Nanjing, neighboring cities, and Jingdong Mall were purchased, and the price of hard drives rose accordingly.

At that time, all monitoring data (including public security, traffic control, shops, etc.) around the incident were consolidated on the cStor cloud storage platform. At the same time, thousands of police officers uploaded, stored, downloaded, viewed, and analyzed a large number of surveillance video images on these cStor cloud storage systems. Although the equipment is under pressure, the speed is unexpectedly fast.

At the same time, due to the fact that the deployment environment of cloud storage devices is not in the standard equipment room, and the power supply is insufficient, there have been many trips. At the beginning, everyone is worried that they are afraid of data loss. What makes people surprised is that each time pushing the switch again and the data is intact.

It is worth mentioning that at the time it was closed in the of  year, but Yunchuang volunteered to give up the rest time and took turns to work on duty until the end of the case. After actual inspection, Yunchuang's excellent products and working attitude of excellence have won the trust and appreciation of police officers. Currently, Yunchuang Cloud Storage System is still deployed in the Nanjing Public Security Bureau and further deepens cooperation with the public security department.

Since then, the leader of the Information and Communications Department of the Information Center of Nanjing Public Security Bureau once stated bluntly: “With the support of Yunchuang equipment, we have set up four image research centers in the city, achieving the goal of thousands of people working in sync, and the Nanjing Public Security Bureau also The important clues of criminals were discovered in massive video images, and the DNA of the suspects was successfully collected, making it possible for Chongqing to successfully solve the case several months later."

In addition to this, Yunchuang Data has also deployed a unified and highly reliable public security law enforcement record application service support system for the Nanjing Public Security Bureau, effectively integrating the existing video surveillance resources of Nanjing Public Security, and ensuring the work of various departments. Orderly. By constructing a public security law enforcement record application service support system, all video resources that can be used by the public security are optimized, stored, and processed, and are transparently presented to the staff to provide effective support for law enforcement monitoring and the like. In the recent cooperation with the Nanjing Public Security Bureau, in the face of 13 cases in which criminal suspects could not be judged, Yunchuang used video DNA search technology and fuzzy facial intelligence comparison to successfully identify 9 suspects.

Prior to this, the Nanjing Municipal Government had taken the lead in applying cloud-creating data cVideo cloud video technology to complete the seamless connection to the smart Nanjing dispatching platform. During the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, the platform achieved the interface with existing video surveillance platforms such as the Youth Olympic Games Special Olympics Network, Traffic Management Bureau, Public Security Bureau, City High Point Monitoring, Road Image Monitoring “320” Project, and Nanjing Youth Olympic Games Security. , transportation, emergency command, etc. provide technical support. After the meeting, the technical support group of the main operation center of the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games presented Yun Chong with a banner of honoring “Cloud helps the Youth Olympics and creates the future” to commend Yunchuang Cloud's video surveillance technology and intelligent analysis technology in the Youth Olympic Games. The role played by the period.

In addition, Yunchuang also participated in the design of Shandong Police Affairs Cloud Platform of Shandong Public Security Bureau and provided A8000 ultra-low-power cloud storage system support. In cooperation with the Hebei Public Security Bureau, Yunchuang has developed a traffic big data platform. The platform gathers real-time data on more than a thousand bayonet ports in the province, making it easy to view the traffic of each bayonet, making it easy to track special vehicles. vehicle.

For a long time, Yunchuang and the Public Security Department of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region have also maintained a close cooperative relationship. The Xinjiang Public Security Department deployed a large number of cloud-created A8000 ultra-low-power cloud storage systems in various prefectures in Xinjiang. This system is integrated with the cloud-created core product, the cStor cloud storage system, to provide social stability and security for Xinjiang made positive contributions.

Currently, Yunchuang products have taken on the bright construction projects in many places in China with the advantages of being able to open up various heterogeneous video surveillance systems, hyper-converged cloud video software architectures, and access to various standards of intelligent analysis algorithms. In the Xueliang Project of Yichang, a pilot project of the national Xueliang project, Yunchuang used cVideo cloud video technology to create a video integration platform and integrated all monitoring systems from the city to the county to meet the needs of large-scale video surveillance and mass data storage. As well as the requirement of long-distance monitoring, it has taken the lead in the nation to achieve interconnection with national platforms, which further boosted the construction and development of the Yiliang Xueliang project. In addition, in the construction of the Xueliang Engineering Video Public Service Platform in Xinjiang, Yunchuang built a Xinjiang video cloud using the A8000 ultra-low-power cloud storage system and cVideo cloud video technology in cooperation with Xinjiang Telecom to provide public video access to the entire municipality Into service.

At the 2018 Digital Economy Conference in May 2018, Yunchuang released a self-developed smart city application—a smart street lamp companion. Under the blessing of big data and artificial intelligence technology, the intelligent street light companion can be directly mounted on the existing street light, with six cameras to monitor pedestrian lanes and motor vehicle lanes, with 360° panoramic monitoring, face recognition, vehicle identification, and urban patrol. Various functions such as inspection, environmental monitoring, convenient information interaction, and urban WiFi coverage can provide convenient services such as route inquiries and call for help, as well as easy tracking of lost population and criminal suspects, and dynamic monitoring of PM2.5 through environmental sensors. The dynamics of pollutants such as PM10, as well as noise and seismic activity, have broad application prospects in the construction of public security systems and even smart cities.


Over the years, Yunchuang has used the cStor cloud storage system, public security law enforcement record application, video DNA retrieval technology, fuzzy face intelligence comparison, cVideo cloud video technology, A8000 ultra-low-power cloud storage system, smart street lamp companion and other applications in the country. The public security system has a solid market base and rich experience.

After the establishment of the Ministry of Public Security, it will be supervised by General Manager Zuo Sai, continue to leverage the advantages of Yunchuang Resources, continue to innovate on the existing basis, continue to deepen the application of Yunchuang products in the public security system, and strengthen the in-depth cooperation with public security systems throughout the country. To further promote the development of the public security industry.

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